Influence of Public Sector

Walmart. The big, The grand, the forever patriotic, Walmart.


War veterans in front of a Walmart on Veteran's Day

What is Walmart’s relationship with the public sector? It picks up the leftovers and dutifully recycles them for its own benefits. In the United States, Walmart offers jobs to war veterans because they are thankful for the service and sacrifice of military men and women. Aside from having committed $10 million to serve the veteran community in order to “assist [the] veterans in their pursuit of higher education and enable our veterans to more easily reintegrate into civilian life”, Walmart also provides access to “behavioral health and family services for veterans and their families”.

Walmart doesn’t only deal with people who have retired from the public sector, it also helps people that feel crushed by the cost of healthcare by offering the “lowest prices on the products and services they need to stay healthy”. Walmart also works with several charitable organizations and joined together with leaders in government, business and labor to call for reform in the American health care system.

How to monitor those healthcare costs? Walmart says, "Shop here!"









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