February Job Additions of 227,000 Continue Winning Streak for Economy

by Eugenie on March 9, 2012

“Unemployment was unchanged in February as employers added 227,000 jobs, slightly more than expected, the Labor Department announced Friday. That caps the best six-month streak for job additions since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008.”

“Stephen Bronars, senior economist with Welch Consulting, called Friday’s announcement a “solid report” in line with job growth prior to the recession as the labor force grew for the first time in months.”

The steady regrowth of employment is a good news for all retailers as this usually means that customers are willing to spend more, rather than to shop with a limited budget, and people who put great restrictions on their shopping sprees will progressively reappear in shopping malls and stores in general. For Walmart, any kind of increase in customers will result in an increase in revenue. As some people turned towards Walmart and its low prices during the recession, those who were then unemployed and have now found a job could remain loyal to Walmart after having witnessed the savings made at Walmart as opposed to where they previously shopped.

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