Classifying Walmart’s Products

by Eugenie on February 21, 2012


Diagram Breadth vs. Depth PDF

Marketing Objectives

Considering that Walmart has such a huge product range (as a retailer, though not their own products so to speak), the best way to conduct marketing campaigns is to focus on small groups of more popular or mainstream products and make them available at the best price possible. This promotional focusing on the most trendy products will use the products’ own popularity in order to increase Walmart’s visibility and credibility as a retailer, since a lot of people tend to think that retailers selling at such low prices only sell low-quality items. By using the products’ own reputation as quality products and emphasizing the bargain part of the deal, potential customers and consumers will be more likely to linger and explore the vast product range and mix in Walmart Stores. There is a bit of something for everyone and at a low price at Walmart, especially for children who are more susceptible to impulse buying when brought to departments of interest, for instance, the toy department.

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