Last week, the Young Americans came to our school! It was an amazing 3 days just spending time with them and I would definitely do it all over again! I’d say that the workshop was a little intense as we had to learn an hour long show in just 3 days! I also never thought that I would bond so much with any of the Young Americans, but in the end, I bonded with many of the Young Americans and it was like we were a big family. I really miss them sooooooooo much!

They taught us lots of different choreographies and songs, and we even wrote our own song called “Peace, Love, and Chicken Nuggets”. It’s basically about peace, love, diversity and most importantly, CHICKEN NUGGETS. We had lots of medleys in our performance. There was a sports, choral, acting/improv and party medley. I loved the whole performance!

In the end, I learned that I have freedom and I should not be doing anything against my will if others are forcing me to. Also, I was able to explore what I am truly passionate about and now I love dancing and singing with all my life:) I want to go on tour with them;) Knowing that I still have so much to explore in life is really interesting, and I can’t wait for what more I still have to explore!

The Trade Game

         This week was a really productive and fun week! What was really fun, was the trade game which our whole class participated in. There are many rules and roles in which are decided upon the poker cards we pick. What I found difficult in the beginning, was trying to get as many cubes as I could. Then I realised I could create a group with others to merge our resources together. I did go in and out of groups but I finally found my group which now consists of 8 people. Our total net worth is now currently 80+. We are actually really proud of it! We also created a poster on tips for report writing! The goal is to make it as colourful and creative as we can! Here is our poster (created by: Kayla, Danica, Hayley, Daphne, Melanie and me):

(Blurry but oh well) I learned a lot of meaningful things from this and I would definitely try this activity again:)







      大家好,今天我要分享一下我學習中文的成果。我覺得我差的一部分是我的閱讀理解。我最近得到了 A,所以我覺得我閱讀理解差。雖然我考得很差,但是我會一步一步的進步。我會怎麼進步呢?我現在會每一天完成 “每日一篇”。如果我有一些字我不認識,或不懂,我會查字典。到我懂了整個文章的目的或意思時,我會告訴媽媽,然後她會問我一些問題。現在,我覺得我閱讀理解的能力進步了一點,但是我還要進步喔!

Second Week of School!

In the second week of school, I learned a lot of new things such as metacognition, the Ukulele and so much more. It was so much fun and I definitely got closer to a lot of my new classmates. That is one thing I am proud of this week.

On Monday, the class and I worked on breaking down and furthermore understanding this unit’s central idea. Our central idea for Who We Are is: Exploration issues, interests and passions inspire change. Mr. Brodie also gave the class some math tasks like creating and finding the rule, breaking down big ideas related to math and so on. It was actually pretty fun! Groups were also being pulled out to have a very pressure-free pre-assessment with Mr. Brodie.

The next day, we had PE with Mr. Steiner and we played some badminton. I still remember when my sister used to play badminton but she didn’t continue the sport. Before playing badminton, the class has to do a warmup. The first part is jogging around the big gym for about 1+ minutes, then doing some cross steps, skipping, and side steps. Finally, we have to sprint for about 5-10 seconds and then we play badminton. Badminton is surprisingly not the hardest sport I’ve ever played. My strengths are well, hitting the birdie/shuttle and my weakness is serving. Well, other than PE, we also had to finish our math tasks given on Monday. Oh! I forgot about metacognition! Mr. Brodie read a book to us called “Shi-shi-etko” and it was pretty sad. Though the main point was metacognition. I know it sounds weird but it is basically thinking about thinking. Throughout the book, I felt that Shi-shi-etko was sad but when I thought about her being sad, it somehow made me feel confused. Anyways, that was one meaningful book.

On Wednesday, we started playing the ukulele in Performing Arts class. The ukulele sounds a lot better than I thought. I thought that ukulele sounds like guitar but higher. We only learned basics but there is still a long way to go. In homeroom, the class came together and made an essential agreement. Every person had to sign the essential agreement.

One of my favourite days of the week! Thursday! On Thursday, Mr. Brodie let us plan our own activities and time for about three periods. During this time, he just gave us a few things we could do. That also included finishing up some math and starting a project about one of my passions. My true passion is horse riding. That is what my passion is about but I am not yet done.

Today (Friday), we had PE and I definitely improved a ton from the last PE class. We didn’t do much other than practice our

badminton skills. Later that day, I had to meet one of the Austrian President’s media group. I was chosen because I represent the LSSC. Four others and I just toured the group around the school and answered their questions. That was basically it. It was a really unique and fun experience!

That was all for my second week of school but I’ll write about my next week some time!

Passion Projects – Photography

Last Friday, we had a passion project exhibition! It was really fun. My passion project was about photography, and I worked on it along with Karis and sophie. Many classes came in and so did many teachers. It was one busy day. We had about 4-5 weeks to work on this passion project. When we started inquiring into photography, everyone in the group had to know what they were finding out and what their roles were. By the way, we had to do daily reflections every time we worked on passion projects. It was good that we all had some sort of camera to use so that we could use it to take photos. These are some of the photos that we took:

We also have a presentation here:

Photography is not easy, but if you truly have passion for it, it is really fun!



Inquiry – Toy Deconstructing


Recently in class for inquiry, we have been deconstructing toys, more specifically, electric toys. I recently donated all my old toys (including electrical ones), so I didn’t have one at home. Luckily, Karis (one of my group mates) brought one of her brother’s old electrical car. When I first looked at the toy, I wasn’t so sure about how it was going to turn out. Let’s skip to the part where I actually start deconstructing the toy.

Before I started deconstructing my toy, I helped deconstruct some parts of Karis’ car toy. At times, there would be times where I couldn’t unscrew a few screws, so I used a lot of pressure and somehow deformed the nail, not able to unscrew it anymore.

It’s going pretty well but I still need to finish my parts, purpose and complexities and I’ll post that some other time.