Passion Projects – Photography

Last Friday, we had a passion project exhibition! It was really fun. My passion project was about photography, and I worked on it along with Karis and sophie. Many classes came in and so did many teachers. It was one busy day. We had about 4-5 weeks to work on this passion project. When we started inquiring into photography, everyone in the group had to know what they were finding out and what their roles were. By the way, we had to do daily reflections every time we worked on passion projects. It was good that we all had some sort of camera to use so that we could use it to take photos. These are some of the photos that we took:

We also have a presentation here:

Photography is not easy, but if you truly have passion for it, it is really fun!



Inquiry – Toy Deconstructing


Recently in class for inquiry, we have been deconstructing toys, more specifically, electric toys. I recently donated all my old toys (including electrical ones), so I didn’t have one at home. Luckily, Karis (one of my group mates) brought one of her brother’s old electrical car. When I first looked at the toy, I wasn’t so sure about how it was going to turn out. Let’s skip to the part where I actually start deconstructing the toy.

Before I started deconstructing my toy, I helped deconstruct some parts of Karis’ car toy. At times, there would be times where I couldn’t unscrew a few screws, so I used a lot of pressure and somehow deformed the nail, not able to unscrew it anymore.

It’s going pretty well but I still need to finish my parts, purpose and complexities and I’ll post that some other time.

SLLR Reflection (Student Led Learning Review)

On Friday, April 27th, I had a SLLR (Student Led Learning Review). This is a day where we show our knowledge to our parents. When I first started the SLLR, I didn’t feel nervous at all, but I did feel like something was going to go wrong. So yes, something did happen but I’ll get to that later. My first piece of work I showed my parents was my math test, and my math worksheets. I originally was supposed to show my Stone Age writeup and my prototype, but my computer load and it was just frozen regardless of what we tried to do. After showing my math, I had to read a Chinese text called : 《周潤發學英語》. It went pretty well for the first two paragraphs but when it got the the middle and end, I would stutter. I think that I could’ve prepared more for the Chinese reading. After that, I went down to Onedoor because my computer still didn’t work, so it took awhile (about 5-10 minutes). Ben said that we would deliver my computer to me and that I should get back to class first. Went I went back up to class, I just tried to remember what I wrote in my writeup for Fire, but I wasn’t the most fluent I could be. By this time, my computer still hadn’t come and my dad was making jokes like: “Without your computer, you can’t remember anything!” So did my mom. Weird but funny I guess. I got computer back, then I continued my Stone Age writeup. I also shared my Black Death slides and presentation that I did with Azzy, Kayla and Vicky together. My parents quite liked it.


Overall, I think that my parents and I all had a good time! Maybe next time, I could be more fluent for the Chinese reading and be more prepared in general. I think I did pretty well.

Easter/Spring Break

During the spring break, I did a lot of thing but I mainly went horse riding and hung out with Kayla. I also went hiking twice with my dog. Once in the peak and the other somewhere in Tsuen Wan. Well, let’s first talk about my horse riding classes.

So on my first day of horse riding, I rode a pony and a horse. My horse is called Luminous and my pony is Flicka. It was super fun and I rode with instructor, Luci. It was awesome. We just did some basic walking and trotting exercises. On the second day, my first instructor was Christian and then Luci. I first rode Young Supreme (Horse), then I rode Star (also a horse). On my third day, I was with Luci, then Angelina. I rode Topper then Roy (both ponies). On my last day, I was with Bobo and then rode Topper (pony). Here are some photos of the ponies and horses:

-Star –Young Supreme

–Topper –Roy




I went to Kayla’s home a few times over the break. It was super fun as I also took many photos with my dad’s camera. I didn’t do too many things other than that. How did your holiday go? Comment down below.



The Black Death – Historical Period

For the past few weeks, me, Azzy, Vicky and Kayla. At first, we didn’t know a single thing about the black death. All we knew is that the black death was a pandemic that killed thousands and thousands of people. While we were working we had some troubles as other Azzy had switched groups and then came back to our group. We had a hard time convincing her to come back to our group. It worked out pretty good in the end so I’m really happy. Here is our presentation:

Artist in Residence – (After The Fashion Show)

Hi guys! I’m back with another post about our grade 5 fashion show. If you remembered, I  posted a blog post on the Artist in Residence visitor – Talent U. For a recap, Talent U is a fashion design group from different universities in Hong Kong. We had Kelly and Florence come in to teach us different techniques. Now, let’s talk about how the fashion show went!

When our group was preparing the costume and our model (Kayla) for the fashion show, I was pretty nervous and stressed. I kept rushing but in the end, it was actually fine. As for the dress, we just added some final touches to make the dress more wearable. We basically had to make the dress with recycled materials. Our dress had a garbage bag as a rose, the dress mainly made of recycled silk, some recycled yarn and felt. Here are some photos (not the best ones):


It was really fun and I was happy to see all the parent smiling! I was a really fun experience and I would definitely do it again! Thank you Talent U and Ms. Trezise for helping us!

By the way, all guests had to donate 50 HKD at the door and we raised for than 4,000 dollars for Kids 4 Kids!

Hope you liked this blog post!




Hi guys! This blog post will be about patterns! We used a website to create two different patterns. This is my first one and it is a pattern. The parallelograms are all the same but in the middle, it is different. The first set, there is two triangles in the middle and then in the second set, there is a rhombus in the middle. Then it repeats.


My second one is basically making hexagons with trapezoids and then a hexagon after. There are triangles in between each hexagon. Simple. Hope you understood it if not, comment down below and this is the end of the post!

Artist In Residence – TalentU

Hi guys! In the past four weeks, the whole of grade 5 have been working on wearable art fashion. We all divided ourselves into groups of 5 people and had to choose a model to wear the dress on the day of the catwalk. The catwalk was supposed to be tomorrow (Friday 9th) but due to the influenza outbreak, the catwalk walk is cancelled. We still don’t know if the catwalk will be rescheduled. When I was first working with my group, I didn’t feel too confident. By the way, our model is Kayla.  I think we started off pretty good because we got to work and so on. Though later on in the process, we accidentally sewed the ruffled parts of the dress to the dummy itself. We had to cut the ruffled parts of the dress which kind of destroyed the design. We got back to work immediately. On Tuesday, we went the science and innovation lab (now called “The Hive” – named by Vicky). Overall, it was an amazing experience knowing that team cooperation is so important. For your information, the artist and residence group was called TalentU which are a group of people from a bunch of different universities in Hong Kong. Hopefully you learned something about our school and TalentU. Bye~