PYPx Reflection

      Finally! We are done with exhibition! I am very relieved, not because I was stressed, but more on the fact that we don’t have to just focus on exhibition during class. The exhibition was definitely one unique experience and all that I learned from this learning journey is going to be very useful in the future!

      At first, I thought that there wasn’t going to be many sources for finding research related to my topic and my questions. There were some websites and sources on google, but there were one or two questions left that couldn’t be answered no matter how long I kept searching for it online. I then turned to my guide which helped me further understand my topic and it helped me a lot. I was proud of myself even though it was just the first step.

      There was a day where I couldn’t go to school due to an equestrian competition, so I missed out on quite a bit. That day, the class was working on graphs to send to others in the CDNIS community to collect data. I felt a bit panicked when this happened because I felt that I would always be behind others and would never be able to catch up by the exhibition day. Thankfully, I worked hard and caught up quickly.

      When I finished my workshop/action, I was very relieved as it was one of the keyparts of my exhibition. It was extremely successful despite the horrifying weather that my friends, my mom and I had to go through. We all persevered and stayed strong. I did think of cancelling the workshop while I was in the car since the weather was so severe, but I thought to myself: “If I give up now, it would be such a waste of all the effort and hard work I put into planning this workshop.” In the end, every moment was worth it. I’d say it was all about your mindset. You should push through any obstacle that comes in your way and with that, will come resilience and self-motivation.

      Planning out my staging plan wasn’t the easiest, but I still found a way to work things out. There were quite a few requirements for the display. Not only did I have to follow the requirements, I also planned on staging with Ashley. Luckily, she is an extremely flexible and open-minded person. We may not have had the best display, but what really counts, is the effort and hard work you put into it.

      This exhibition has led me to be a more independent individual as a lot of the steps are to completed and managed by ourselves. There have been times where I think to myself: ‘Will I be successful? Maybe I should’ve chosen a different exhibition topic… That is where doubt comes in. You should never let doubt let you down. Always stay strong! I’ve always been quite empathetic as an individual but since my topic is about zero waste, I constantly feel bad for mother nature. Nature is paying the price when we, as human beings who caused the world to be such a mess should be the ones paying. As for enthusiasm, when I took my action, the weather was terrible, but I still stayed true and positive.

      Overall, I’d say that one of my biggest challenges was definitely the weather on the day of my action. When the sudden red rainstorm occurred, I had many mixed feelings because I didn’t know if I should’ve canceled the workshop or not. As I said before, I just stayed positive although I was very worried about my mom driving as she couldn’t see anything ahead of her.

      My other challenge was trying to convince my family to reduce the amount of waste that they create in their daily lives. As they say, “Don’t wait for change, be the change.” So in order to fulfill my exhibition purpose, I had to first change the choices that I make in my own life. This was easier was I didn’t have to convince anyone and I had my own mindset. When I later had to convince my family, it was super hard as we used to have a big plastic bag full of smaller plastic bags. I saw that we had to change that. They were for sure hesitant at the beginning and would sometimes forget to use the reusables that we had bought before, but along the way, they got more used to the eco-friendly routine.

      If I could do the exhibition all over again, the one thing that I would tell myself is: DON’T GIVE UP! I know that people are being told that all the time but at the beginning of my exhibition journey, I doubted myself every once in awhile. It held me back from using my full potential. At some point midway through, I even had thoughts changing my exhibition topic as I felt that I wouldn’t have the mindset to try and go zero waste or convince my family to. This exhibition has really helped me with my growth mindset and now I don’t even need think about going zero waste!

      I learned that I am a very determined student with a growth mindset and resilience. I feel that the ATL (approaches to learning) skills have really helped me go forward with my exhibition! These particular ATL skills have shaped me into the person that I am today and I am very thank for this whole experience! This exhibition will definitely benefit me in the future!

Here are some photos of my exhibition and reusables:

IMG_7292 (1)

IMG_6843 (1)


通過第三單元,我覺得我的寫作我一 點進步。我也學了怎麼用不同的修辭手法和說明手法。考試前,我總是很緊張,所以我每次考得很差。我最差的方面是閱讀理解。雖然我每次考得很差,但是我沒有放棄。如果我一個方面考得差一點,我會在家裡更認真的跟補習。


Exhibition Reflection – 25/02

         This week has been a very productive week as I have been able to further research about my PYPX topic. One of my challenges was finding and expert/organization to talk to as I don’t know whether I will work with another person yet from my cohort group. So far, my primary resource is Ms. Safaya (UP) who contributes to different clubs in the Upper School. She has led me to other primary resources which was really helpful! I am looking forward to focusing more on my PYPX topic!

WIR Jan – 25

This week, I learned about the crisis in Syria and all the refugees that are living in refugee camps. In the future, I can use all the knowledge that I learned from our guest speaker, to impact the world. Your never too young to make an impact to the world. He also taught me that if you’re really passionate about something, then keep going for it no matter what gets in your way. Next week, I want to really work on my PYPX and make sure that I don’t delay anymore because time is precious.

I didn’t learn too much about anything other than that but we reviewed probability which I learned from last year. It was pretty productive because of the games that we played.

I learned a lot and I hope next week will be be better.


Last week, the Young Americans came to our school! It was an amazing 3 days just spending time with them and I would definitely do it all over again! I’d say that the workshop was a little intense as we had to learn an hour long show in just 3 days! I also never thought that I would bond so much with any of the Young Americans, but in the end, I bonded with many of the Young Americans and it was like we were a big family. I really miss them sooooooooo much!

They taught us lots of different choreographies and songs, and we even wrote our own song called “Peace, Love, and Chicken Nuggets”. It’s basically about peace, love, diversity and most importantly, CHICKEN NUGGETS. We had lots of medleys in our performance. There was a sports, choral, acting/improv and party medley. I loved the whole performance!

In the end, I learned that I have freedom and I should not be doing anything against my will if others are forcing me to. Also, I was able to explore what I am truly passionate about and now I love dancing and singing with all my life:) I want to go on tour with them;) Knowing that I still have so much to explore in life is really interesting, and I can’t wait for what more I still have to explore!

The Trade Game

         This week was a really productive and fun week! What was really fun, was the trade game which our whole class participated in. There are many rules and roles in which are decided upon the poker cards we pick. What I found difficult in the beginning, was trying to get as many cubes as I could. Then I realised I could create a group with others to merge our resources together. I did go in and out of groups but I finally found my group which now consists of 8 people. Our total net worth is now currently 80+. We are actually really proud of it! We also created a poster on tips for report writing! The goal is to make it as colourful and creative as we can! Here is our poster (created by: Kayla, Danica, Hayley, Daphne, Melanie and me):

(Blurry but oh well) I learned a lot of meaningful things from this and I would definitely try this activity again:)







      大家好,今天我要分享一下我學習中文的成果。我覺得我差的一部分是我的閱讀理解。我最近得到了 A,所以我覺得我閱讀理解差。雖然我考得很差,但是我會一步一步的進步。我會怎麼進步呢?我現在會每一天完成 “每日一篇”。如果我有一些字我不認識,或不懂,我會查字典。到我懂了整個文章的目的或意思時,我會告訴媽媽,然後她會問我一些問題。現在,我覺得我閱讀理解的能力進步了一點,但是我還要進步喔!