Splat and A.I.R (Artist in Residence)

On Jan 16th, 2018, A company called Faust which is an International Youth Theatre came into the library pit to show us some examples of poems. They come in every year to CDNIS to perform to a grade. They had showed us different types of poems by performing to us. They used their emotions and body language really well. I think 1 or 2 years ago they had performed the same performance to my grade. I thought that their performance was really funny because they had a lot of sound affects and they allowed some people in our grade to come up and participate. Even though I was not chosen I really liked how the people who were chosen acted like they were really suppose to be in the show/performance.


On the same day the whole class had gone to the Hive (on the 12th floor). There were 2 A.I.Rs (Artist in Residences) that came to the hive with us to set us a challenge. We had to Spit into 5 groups and create a wearable art. We could bring in materials from home, but they already had some there for us to use. We also had to pick a theme in our group and explain why we wanted to choose this theme for our outfit or wearable art, we had until 2 -4 weeks to finish this outfit. They had given us some practices for drawing a simple women or man. We had 1 min to draw an outline or the model in the picture and I thought it was really fun, even though i thought i did pretty bad I still kept my work with me.


Today (Nov. 23)in the Library Pit a community/organization called amnesty presented what they do and how they helped. Before the presentation, the whole class wrote down some things to answer.

  1. Reasons why/How people organise themselves.
  2. How to develop actions that are effective
  3. Interactions between parts & people within organisational structures


1.There is a cycle of what they do. Campaign -> Research -> Publicise -> Mobilise -> Pressure Lobby -> Influence. They are famous around the world and they help a lot of people so when they advertise or show images or messages they always use the same color (yellow), logo, Font. They always make speeches local, so they always have an English and Chinese version so everyone can understand.


2.They have research groups to report and to speak or have meetings with journalists. The journalists write about the topics and try to spread the news.


  1. They debate with different organizations, they arrange meetings to discuss how to help didn’t issues around the world.
Grade 5!!

Grade 5!!

It’s been a long summer and it’s time for school! Now i’m in Grade 5E Eggheads!  On the first day I was really excited because it was a long time since I have gone to school. I really liked seeing my friends again and seeing how we were going to use our lockers. In  my class we got to play 2 Truths 1 Lie, we would pick a partner from the class that we didn’t really know that much, I thought it was a good idea because then we would learn some facts about each other. I was glad that we were able to organise how the class room would look like. Before school started almost everyone was excited of who was going to be in their class and who their teacher was going to be. Overall I think this will be a really good school year, i’m hoping to learn more about the class!

See, Think, Wonder

On May 18th,  Mr. Grant put a painting on the whiteboard and he said to do a “See, Think, Wonder.” We also hd to write them down on our sketch book so these are some of  my answers.


        See        Think      Wonder
  • Logs
  • Boats
  • Crazy waves
  • Boats that have been flipped over
  • A giant ship in the background
  • Lots of people
  • Dark sky
  • Blue people










I think it is a beautiful piece of art and I also remember a question that Mr. Grant asked us. He asked,” where do writers get their ideas?”

So I think that it’s not only for writers but artists as well, and I think that the person who got the idea was from their past or if It was a dream.
I think that some of the people are blue because it’s the artist way of expressing that they are freezing… cold.









Where did this artist get the idea of making this painting?How many people are there?What is happening?

Why are a lot of people on boats?In the left corner of the painting, what are they trying to do? Are they

pulling him in the boat or trying to push him out of the boat?What happened before?Why are their normal people and blue people?Are the blue people suppose to be cold?

Are the blue ghosts?Is this from titanic?Is it like titanic?Is the ship on fire?

Why do i have so many questions?











I hope you enjoy reading my notes. 🙂

Math Menu

Math Menu

On March 9th, Our teacher gave us a piece of paper, It was a math menu. On the paper it had 4 topics connecting to math. Independent Practice which you need to build your understanding by completing the worksheet package, our teacher also gave a worksheet package to fill in and it had a lot of pages. Another topic was mathletics, We had to Practice and apply our understanding of fractions by completing Fractions 1 and Fractions 2 On mathletics. The next challenge was the online challenge, we had to go to gregtangmath.com/satisfraction so we could complete some activities. The activities were, Identify (novice) Compare (apprentice) Simplify (practitioner) and Calculate (Practitioner).The last activity was number line action, we had to go to Khan Academy and watch: Fractions on the number line. Next complete the activity, Fractions on the number line. Lastly, in our math notebooks, create 5 number line examples on our own. There were box where you could tick so when you were done one activity you would tick that box and write the date of when u were done. I already finished mathletics Fraction 1 and 2. Now I’m doing the Independent Practice and soon be doing the other two things.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post 🙂



我有一個小魚缸。 我把小魚缸放在四B的教室裏。 我在魚缸裏放入很多不同種類的魚,有紅色大肚金魚、有神仙魚、也有小丑魚。


My Learning Buddies Spotlight

My Learning Buddies Spotlight

On May 9th My class went to our learning buddy’s spotlight. It wasn’t only their class, it was with two other classes.1B, 1D, 1E performed all together.


I really like my the spotlight because there was a storyline and some people would read the story and the other ones would act it out. I think they could improve on is transitioning a little bit faster. There were some technical difficulties but that didn’t stop them from making a good show. My learning buddy didn’t say anything in the show but she still participated by singing and dancing. My buddy did really well in Acting and participating, but next time I think if there was a spot for someone to say something then next time I think she should try to take the role.


This was my blog post about my learning buddies spotlight. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. 🙂

Where do writers get their ideas?

Where do writers get their ideas?

On March 5th Mr.Grant asked us Two questions and we had to list some ideas down. After that we would make a poster and write some of our ideas down.

The first question was “Where do writers get their ideas”?  Some of answers were, what happened in they life in the past, what happened to their families, dreams, feelings,nightmares and surroundings.

The second question is “What makes a good narrative (story)?” my answers were, good storyline, good inspiration, interesting problem, detail, good grammar and funny parts.

I really like these questions because when i think of writing a story i might included some of these things to make my story even better. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. 🙂

Roblotics Tessellation Reflection

Roblotics Tessellation Reflection

Last week, We had to go to a website or an app which is called Scratch. Scratch is where you put a code and there is a cat that that follows all your directions. You can also customise or change your cat to something very random, you can also go on the internet to find pictures you wanna put as your person.


Last week we had to Draw a tessellation. A tessellation is a pattern made of identical shapes, and where the shapes must fit together without any gaps. We also needed to Make a blog post about our reflection, so this is my reflection:


I only tessellated four times and I did expect that because I didn’t really know how to do a tessellation or what shape to do. The most challenging part was doing the calculation, i didn’t know how much to turn left or right.


Overall, even if I didn’t know how to do a tessellation I still enjoyed making it.

Which Animal is the Best pet?

Which Animal is the Best pet?


Which Animal is the Best Pet?


To me dogs are the best pets ever. Out of all the animals that you could choose from, I would pick dogs. Dogs are loyal, smart, caring, fun and they also appreciate you.


First of all, Some dogs can be caring. They can comfort you when you are sad or if you’re hurt. Some dogs can also help  people that are blind to cross the street and get to their destinations. Some dogs can protect your house by guarding the door and making sure no bad guys or burglars can come into your place.


Secondly, dogs can be fun. Sometimes dogs want you to play with them and with their toys. Dogs can also do a lot of tricks like turning around on two paws or shaking hands. The last reason why I think dogs are fun is that they run with you when you take them on walks.


Lastly, some dogs are cute. Some dogs fur can be really fluffy and when you hug them you feel really comfortable. Some dogs like chihuahuas are really small and cute. The last thing that makes dogs cute are that they are in different colors like black and white.


In conclusion, dogs are my favourite pets and those are my reasons why I think dogs are the best pets. The next time I will get a pet it’s going to be a dog.