香港加拿大国际学校  小学部

中文科 五年级 MFL

第三单元 HWOO Unit Reflection


Central Idea:

个() 人(rén) 的(de) 需() 要(yào) 和() 社(shè) 区() 有(yǒu) 联(lián) 系()。

Individual needs are connected to the community.  


Lines of Inquiry:


  •  社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)组(zǔ)织(zhī)?
  • 社区里有商店,超市,饭店,公园,服装店,银行,运动场 和 图书馆。




  • 社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)的(de)组(zǔ)织(zhī)和(hé)个(gè)人(rén)的(de)需(xū)要(yào)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)联(lián)系(xì)?
  • 一个人太胖了,所以他去运动场。
  • 一个人饿了,所以他去饭店。



Reflection of Learning:

I think I am a creative thinker because I use my imagination and i think I am a thinker because I am determined to finish it.


AIR stands for Artists In Residence and for the last couple of weeks we were taught by a group of people from AIR to design clothes out of materials like fabric, plastic, paper and other things that are normally thrown away. It is so important that we reuse and recycle our materials and use them in a more creative way. That is what AIR is doing. What they do is get waste and make it into clothes. I think that is so cool.

My team and I made a rugby uniform out of wood, paper and plastic. It was so fun and we barely argued as we completed our outfit.

Then we were supposed to walk down a cat walk wearing our outfits but sadly school got cancelled because of a horrible flu that was going around. But we were still happy that we made our outfit because it was an amazing experience.

This week in G5!

This week we it was amazing!

If I would rate this week I would rate it a 10 out of 10.

On Monday we  make clothes out of fabric.

On Tuesday we had sports day. Sports day is were you do track and field events with your grade. That was my highlight of the week because I love running. I did so well and won all the races I was in. we also did capture the flag long jump and other cool field events. It was so amazing and I loved it!


The First Week Back

Hi! I am back from christmas and I had such a fun time I went go carting and did lots of fun things but today I am talking about the the first week back in school.

In math we are learning about multiplication and division. In bookclub we are learning about apes and in PA we are learning about story telling.

This week is super busy and I am having so much fun.


Child Soldier Talk

Today in school there was a guest speaker called David that came to speak about child soldiers.  He was a child soldier himself when he was 15 years old. He was tortured forced to kill people and starved. He rarely got to eat and walked miles every day and rarely slept a wink. he was forced out of his house and education.

When he was a child soldier he had to stay at a camp and he made friends there. Then the big bad boss saw them being friends and forced David to kill his friends. He had to or he and his family would die.

6 moths later he and 15 of his friends escaped the camp. They ran to the government and since there was a war the government thought they were spies so David and his friends were sent to prison for 6 months more.

Now he helps save people that are child soldiers. He is taking a lot of actions he is a hero.

This Week

Today we made a simulation on child soldiers with Mr Thomas.                                                                                                                 Me and my group. What I did for my simulation was a nerf war                                                                                                                    with the whole class since that is what child soldiers do and we are                                                                                                               all children. Child solders are children that have been forced to                                                                                                                leave there families and become soldiers. Our group was the                                                                                                              terrorists and we are doing what real terrorists do to recruit                                                                                                                         them and what they do with them. The war will teach everyone                                                                                                             what child soldiers feel like.

Also This Tuesday we had halloween!!!!!! We had so much fun.

G% Camp

This week we had G% camp.

I have to admit It was not as good as G$ camp but still good. It was near my house in ti tam. It was fun but what I found challenging was that we had to sleep in a tent with creepy crawly.

I have not grown much but now i know how to kayak better. It was a fun experience for everyone.


My Bedroom

Today we had to draw what our bedroom looks like.

Mine looked cool I had a door and when you look left you see a bookshelf and next to that there is  another shelf.

On your right you can see a closet and a bunk bed and last and not least you have a bet sized table. That is my bedroom for you.

What we did

this week a lot of things happened including we got a sub teacher and his name is mr thomas. he was really awesome and he was also a cdnis stufent too. we did debating in literacy and looked at less privelleged people in uoi. we also learnt how to multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000