So it has been a good year in G4. Sadly all good things come to an end. So today I will be writing my last G4 blog post, this post will be about everything about what happened in grade 4. There will be my hi-light, proudest moment, what I will remember the most, favorite task/games/activities and my final thought about this grade. So my hi-light where camp and when we did our commercial. I liked camp because the actives were super fun and it was a great experience too. The activities were fun and also taught you about nature and can teach you about math or something else. I like doing the commercial because it really help my communicating, teamwork and it also taught my how to use green screens. My proudest moment was when I finish the commercial and also when I won 6 splat games in a row. What will I remember to most is that I was in an AWSOME class and I will never forget my first camp. My favorite game was probably splat, my favorite active was the commercial. My final thought about grade 4 was it was a great experience and I will never forget about this grade. I forgot to add this but another 3momentst that I will never is first when my teacher was pointing at something but then hit me in the nose. The second was when my friend got hit be a ball then I bent over to talk to him, like to ask if he’s ok. Then I got hit by a ball, then my teacher said get up before anyone else got hit by a ball, then while I was standing back up I got hit again. Last of all me and my friends were sitting in a corner but one of them had not much space. He didn’t have space because he was sitting between me and a trash bin. So my teacher said why are you sitting next to a trash bin, aren’t you squish? Then I said why I’m I a trash bin since I was also sitting next to him.

So that is the real end HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL OF MY GRADE 4 POST.

One thought on “MY LAST G4 BLOG POST😎

  • June 7, 2017 at 9:59 am

    You have many reasons to be proud! It has been wonderful having you in 4D! Have a great summer!

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