Understanding Angles

So at around March{ish I think} My class we learning about angles! YAY! So I learned many angles including acute, obtuse, right, straight, full and reflex. An acute angle is when an angle is 89 degrees of less. an obtuse angle is when an angle is 91 degrees or more. A right angle is exactly 90 degrees. A full angle is 360 degrees. A reflex is a when an angle is less than 360 but more than 180 degrees. The last angle that I learned about is the straight angle. The straight angle is the angle is just a straight line, the straight is a exactly 180 degrees.





Soooooo from March 29 to March 31  my schools’ grade 4 went CAMPING!  I  think we went somewhere named Pui o Ya. So you might think why would my school bring a bunch of kids to camp. Well, the reason where obviously for fun, the other reason is because the teachers want us to improve on many skills. For example teamwork, cooperation and other stuff.

So I was pretty nervous on the first day because I was like how dirty are the tents going to be. Is the food going to be good? {We had smores on the first day so ya the food was good.} Were the actives going to be fun. So like I said the food was good the some of the actives were fun. For example, we went rafting, there was a game where you had to fill a pole with a ball inside the first team with the ball at the top wins.So you might think that easy but there were holes in the pole so some had to get water and the other had to cover the holes. {none of these people are me couldn’t find a picture of myself}

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.41.22 PMAlso, this was one probably one of my favorite game. It game of life, so it was about 3 species {actully 5 there was herbaceous, there was omnivorous, carnivores and diseases} So herbaceous had to find foods and water. omnivorous could eat each other and herbaceous, And carnivores could eat everything except each other. Last but not least the diseases can kill anyone. Also, the way you kill people is tagging them like in tag.

Now I will talk about the tent setup was actually was really really easy.So about the tents in the inside, they were alright but me and my tent mates wanted to be cleaner so we cleaned them. My activity group also got a super nice instructor. Like he wouldn’t get mad unless you do something like really bad. So ya overall camp was AWSOME!Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.36.41 PM

The microbead experiment

So on March 15, 2017, my class and some of the 4E. There was 5 group and I was in a group with KelsonLauren, and Zada. There their link for their blog.  So if you don’t know what microbead are there really really small pieces of plastic. Now you might think that oh there just small plastic, but these plastic are in body wash product WOW! SO the problem with these products is when shower and stuff, the plastic goes into the drains and into the ocean. So fish and stuff eat the plastic, and we eat fish, soooooo we eat PLASTIC! So we did an experiment to check how much plastic are in wash products. So I was pretty surprised with the amount of plastic in the product. Like I wasn’t expecting like hundreds in each product but like around 25 is a lot.  Another thing about microbeads is that they can be different color so can show what genre suppose to be. {I think this wrong}


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G 3/4 Sports day

So I think on 28 on February the grade 3 and 4 had a sports day. There was around 8 groups I think and the actives are. Dodgeball, capture the flag, long jump, long throw, and more but I forgot. So I will talk about what  I had to use. in doge ball and capture the flag you had to have teamwork and communication to work together. Long jump I had to use a lot of power and confidence because lots of people were watching me throw. Their was long jump but there wasn’t much to it.



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How people respond to messages

How people respond to messages


Distracted Driving


These answers target audience and the messages the P.S.A tried to tell us


I think the target audience is to people that drive a lot. I think this because people who drive a lot are probably busy so you have to go lots of places. So when you need to go everywhere you are usually late to go places, so you are going to have to tell people. So you most likely text to tell the person. So if you put 2 and 2 together you have to drive to go somewhere while texting. So, in conclusion, you text while driving and when you text you can’t see the road.   


This answer what did the P.S.A techniques


In this P.S.A the techniques they used were showing what could happen.


This answer will  be some people responses will be


Someone who will disagree will be someone is busy because they need to text while driving because they are really busy.


Divison Strategies

So around December, I think. My class has been learning about division strategies. So that what I’ talking about today, the division strategies. So there a lot so I’m only doing a few but here we go. Frist strategies is the halving strategy. S0 when your dividend is 4, is the same as dividing the number two times. Next is the fact family. This is an example of fact family. So 2×3 is 6 right so you know that 6 divided by 2 is 3 and that 3×2 is 6 and 6 divide by 3 too. Now the last strategy is the split strategy. In the split strategy is when you split the number that you divide into different pieces kinda. Anyways this is an example 396 divide by 3 so first split the numbers up. So 300 divided by 3 = 100 then 90 divide by 3 =30 and 6 divided by 3=2 so at the answer is 136 done.


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在中文課我們要做一個關於中國新年的海報。我的海報關於慶祝春節的方法 。我覺得我做得好,因為我的海報有很多信息。我也有恨多信息在我的草稿,但是我不可是我不可以加在海報上因為在海報裡面不可以有很多信息。但是我覺得我可以加更多的圖片。我也要去掉英文字。



Basketball game

So we went to see the grade 12 think I think. Anyways back to the story, we went to the grade something to watch their first basketball game of the season. The score was 45-21 if you wanted to know. What really surprised me about the player was there were really fast. I mean I’m not that fast but there were running like their life depended on it. So another thing that I will talk about is why are sport important in school? I think sport are important in school because for some people it can help their leadership. Also, can build on working with people cause sportsmanship help on that. So that why sports are important in schools.

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HWEO Prior Knowledge poster

So if you saw my last post you could see I said something about a poster. So now I will be talking about the poster. So if you see the picture you will see that my group {James.M and Calum Bloxham check their blogs too} had to make a poster to influence people to vote for Billy Bob Trump. In this post, I will talk about our teamwork and the poster. So we had a couple agreements about the layout but at the end, we pick the one that you can see on the screen. After we had to think about what we would put on the poster. We wanted to put some humor because myself and my group are pretty funny people. So we did put a lot of humor. Also our teamwork, we had a few arguments about what to put on the poster, when someone didn’t do much we would have a couple argument on that too. Now the techniques are what I’m going to talk about. As I said before we used a lot of humor as one of our techniques. Also, another technique we use was saying lots of things liked. The idea was to tell everyone in this made up school that Billy would do this and that. To Influence the people to vote for him.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 12.28.00 PM