On April 12, 2018, grade 5-9  watch a documentary called screenagers. This documentary was about teenagers and screen time and social media. They talked about how so many teenagers nowadays are spending hours upon hours playing video games. Whether or not kids should be able to bring their phones to school, {Not done}

My week

Today’s blog post will just be about my school week. So firstly I will be talking about my yes talent project. So far in our yes talent, we have been doing pretty well. For example, we have our plan done, most of our materials and the only two thing we have to do left is to finish sewing the dress then, putting everything on the dress. Anyways that all I’m going to be talking about for yes talent. The next thing I will talk about is my Chinese class. During my Chinese class, I recently finished making a movie about a bully bullying a kid and then the kid’s friend comes and backs him up {I can’t put the video up because it’s too much for this site to upload so I going to put some of my favourite clips Movie clip #2 Movie clip and lastly #3 Movie clip. Next, I will be talking about what we did for PE this week. In PE this week we played a tag game but instead of it being a normal tag game, we made it so we had cards with numbers on them, but to make it so that it wouldn’t go on forever each team had a number 10 which was their leader. Which means that if he/she dies the whole teams die, so you might be wondering how would the game end, well there was a number 1 and only the number ones form every team could kill the number 10 eliminating their team. {NOT DONE}

My Winter Break

Its been a while since I did a blog post but here I am again. So today’s blog post will be about my winter break, in this blog I will tell you all about my winter break. For example what I did, who I went thing you know that kind of stuff.

Anyways first I will tell you about the first place I went in my holidays which was Geneve which is in Switzerland. We didn’t {by we I mean my brother, mum and of course myself} do much in Geneve. like the first day we went out to see what life in Geneve is like and it was ok, it was very quiet where we were and it was just ok. On the second day, we were walking like more into the more louder and crowded parts of Geneve, just to walk around and to eat lunch. Then we found this fondue place that seemed alright, so we decided to stop there to eat lunch. The food was really good but when we came home my brother started to feel sick and I won’t go in any details but him being sick stopped us from going out for the last day of our Geneve trip.

So our second place we went to was in somewhere in France but I can’t remember the name, anyways we went there to go skiing with my cousins, and it was just a normal ski trip. Like we were at a ski resort we went skiing, we eat food, we woke up and then went skiing again. I’m not saying it was a bad ski trip nor I’m I ungrateful, but I’ve gone skiing so many other times that It was just a good trip.

Moving on, after we finished our ski trip my family{including my cousins} went to Venice in Italy. In Venice it was Amazing, one of my favourite parts is that the fact that they are absolutely zero cars in there, only boats. Another cool thing about Venice is that is not just one big island it more than 100 tiny islands connect together by bridges to make one still small but beautiful island/city. So while we were in Venice we did a lot of walking because {like I said at the beginning of this pargraph} there were no cars only boats and the reason we didn’t take a boat was that we wanted to capture all the sights that Venice had to offer us. So that all we basically did in Venice walk around and eat pizza.

The next and the final place I went to was Rome, and I’m not going to lie. Rome was extremely boring for me {since I went there 2-year ago}. So you guys are probably wondering, why to go there again if you already went, well the reason was that my cousins had never been to Rome. Like literally the only thing that I liked about my trip to Rome, was the fact that we got to visit Pompei. Anyways enough talking about how I got to go to Pompei let me tell you guys about the real experience. So it was really cool since I got to see the way people long ago lived and their houses and stuff.

Anyways that will finish off my blog I hope you guys enjoyed this slightly longer blog.


Asbury Trip

So on November, Friday the 24 2017, I and about 3 class in my grade went to a place in Hong Kong that people are slightly less fortunate. The reason we were there was to learn about Hong Kong {like the less fortunate} and also to learn about the types of living condition people are living in. We also had a mission that was buying the following with 100$, 1 type of fruit and vegetables {you could buy more if you had enough money} and 2 toilet rolls. Now before I go into detail with that we also had a man who lives in an office building {he retrieved so he can’t make that much money anymore} and tells us about his experiences. One of the first things that he told us was that this is actually illegal because you aren’t really allowed to live in an office building. Another thing he told us is that is quite dangerous to live in small places {his didn’t count since an office building is pretty safe most of the time} because if a fire happens it is very hard to escape. Anyways back to us buying stuff for the people living in small places, so when we were buying things I noticed that everything cheap and I’m guessing that was because if your living in that condition you most likely don’t have much money so people help others by making food clothes etc affordable. After we finish shopping we went to one of the host friends house. Only this wasn’t a normal house it was extremely small, maybe for 1-3 people could live there but apparently, this woman had 4 kids! Only one kid was at home with the mom so we didn’t know for sure. This woman was so nice to us because as soon we gave her the items she offered us drinks. Sadly we couldn’t stay for long because our field trip was ending.

Now I’m going to answer a few questions

1. What are the most important furniture for you? (Name three items)

1 I think one of the most important furniture is my bed, I say this because if I didn’t have a bed, it would be hard to fall asleep every night.

2 Secondly, I think a closet would be one of the best things because if you didn’t have any closet all your stuff would be everywhere and it would make your house way to crowed.

3 Lastly, having a table would be good because the same problem would happen because if you don’t have a table, you would have to put everything on the ground which would take up a fair amount of space.

2. What are the most important electrical appliances for you? (Name three items)

1 So one of the best electrical appliances that I have is for sure AC. Like I use it so much and if I could only pick 3 electrical appliances one of them would definitely be AC.

2 The second electrical appliance that I would pick would be a laptop because you can do so much with a laptop. For example, you can use it for work reasons, entertainment reasons and many more.

3 The last electrical appliance that I would pick is a washing machine because if I didn’t then it would be a bit harder to get clean clothes.

3. Is it available to place all the above items in a subdivided unit?
1 I think for the AC it depends on the subdivided unit you are in because for the man that talked to us he said his place had AC that had to run all the time.
2 For the laptop, I think little to none people living in a subdivided home can’t afford to buy a laptop because I think they would rather be able to pay rent and to have food to eat then have a laptop. Not only that if they do get a laptop they would have to get a charger, get it fixed if it gets broken and many more things that would cost them extra money.
3 Lastly, for the washing machine, I also think it depends on the subdivided unit you are living in, but I know some people might have it because the person house we went to had a washing machine, but I really not sure that everyone living in subdivided homes has one.
4. Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the
space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?
5. What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit? {I’m going to compare my house to the house I saw}
1 my house is definitely bigger
2 I have a TV in my house
3 In my house, we all have separate rooms but in the hosue we saw there were two bunk bed and 2 children had to sleep in one bed so that 4 kids have to sleep in one bunk bed.
6. How do you feel about this visiting experience?
 After this experience, I feel much more privileged because after I looked the places some people have to live in, I feel like I live in a mansion. Another thing that I feel after this experience I feel pity for the living in these conditions because they have to live such a struggle each day and always has work extremely hard for the littles of things.
7. What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?
 I think something I would do is try to help these people by doing everything I can by like when I grow up I could donate money time to time to these people so that they could at least by food. I could also just give them food and other stuff like blankest, present etc.

Game of life {PE game}

On the 18 of October 2017, we had PE class or Gym class. In this class, we played a different version of capture the flag. The teacher wanted to connect this game of capture the flag to our unit, so instead of playing the game normally. He made it so that the green team was at an advantage because first of all, the other teams couldn’t steal from them and second of all we couldn’t even tag them. This made it vastly unfair and to no surprise, they won the game. Anyways this connects to our unit because the unit main idea is, circumstances and action can support or deny rights and opportunities. So it’s like us we are all one the green team, what have we done to earn this life we are living, like how the green team got all the advantages of doing nothing. Think about the people in Africa, they work hard don’t they but still don’t have to live we were blessed with like how the other teams worked hard but still didn’t win the game. After this game my thoughts have really changed, I use to never think about how lucky I am but now, I realized that I’m extremely lucky because I don’t have to worry about my next meal, and can go to school to get a good education. Not only those two things but if I ever get sick I can go to the doctors and on top on all of that, I still have so many entertainment options.


Pok Fu Lam Village

On the 24 of October 2017, me and my whole grade went to a place in Hing Kong, named Pok Fu Lam village for a field trip. The point of this field trip was to see how the people there live their lives and why they stayed at Pok Fu Lam village rather than moving to the to the more populated areas of Hong Kong. That was not all we did though, we where also saw all the beautiful artifacts in Pok Fu Lam village. For example, there is some amazing graffiti on the wall and something named the silver dragon which spits out water. Unfortunately, I and my group weren’t able to see it. There was also much more cool stuff in Pok Fu Lam village but we didn’t have enough time to see them. Two other places we saw was a Dairy Farm Staff quarters that now no one uses which is covered in a green net. The last thing we saw was a dragon museum which was pretty cool. One more thing is that I guess a lot of people thought this place was abandoned or like only 500 people live there, but actually 2800 people live there.


So on Wednesday, October 13, 2017, to Friday, October 15, 2017. We had this camp in Hong Kong at the taitam scout center, which lasted for three days and two nights. Since it was such an interesting experience I will be writing a blog post about it.

So if you read all my blogs then you would know that last year I also went camping and one of the questions I will be answering is what in what ways have I gotten better at this. So I think there are a few things that I have improved on since the last time I went camping. For one I knew the food wasn’t going to be Gorden Ramsey food, so I was prepared for the kind of food they served at camp. Secondly some of the activities we did at this year camp we also did last year. For example, we did raft building which is as a team of 12 we had to make a raft that would allow 6 people to go in it, with only 4 tires 20 pieces of rope and 8 metal poles. This was not too much of a struggle for our group because we all did that last year so we knew how to tie knots and had a basic idea about how we would build to raft instantly. One last thing that I have gotten better at camp was since I have slept in a tent before, I knew where to put my bags and only had little trouble sleeping. Still, this year sleeping was not the easiest because it was really hot but you get my point.

The next question I will be answering is what did I feel about this camp, what parts did I like or dislike and Why. Did I enjoy camp why?

So I felt that this camp was extremely fun because most of the activities were just creative and entertaining. A part of camp I particularly liked was the dorms because they where kinda big and they could house 8 people including me. So I was in a room with 6 of my friends {one of them fell asleep instanly} talking until 11:30.


My Goals

So every year at my school we have something called 3-way learning review. A 3-way learning review is when you have a talk with your teacher and your mum/dad or both, and you talk about what you want to improve on this year. These goals will be based on your strengths and weakness. For example, if you are good at your times’ table but not the best at writing story you wouldn’t make a goal saying I should work on my times’ table. Instead, you should make a goal saying you need to read more books so you can see the format of how to write a story while also increasing your vocabulary because you are reading new words.  Then you will make some goals that you will hope to reach by the end of the year. These are my goals. Also, you will have something called a learning review in January to see your progress of your goals. If you have reached it you will make a new one, if it is not working out then you will find more ways to reach that goal you are struggling on. One last thing is every week on Friday I will be reflecting on how I am working/getting closer to my goals.