So on Wednesday, October 13, 2017, to Friday, October 15, 2017. We had this camp in Hong Kong at the taitam scout center, which lasted for three days and two nights. Since it was such an interesting experience I will be writing a blog post about it.

So if you read all my blogs then you would know that last year I also went camping and one of the questions I will be answering is what in what ways have I gotten better at this. So I think there are a few things that I have improved on since the last time I went camping. For one I knew the food wasn’t going to be Gorden Ramsey food, so I was prepared for the kind of food they served at camp. Secondly some of the activities we did at this year camp we also did last year. For example, we did raft building which is as a team of 12 we had to make a raft that would allow 6 people to go in it, with only 4 tires 20 pieces of rope and 8 metal poles. This was not too much of a struggle for our group because we all did that last year so we knew how to tie knots and had a basic idea about how we would build to raft instantly. One last thing that I have gotten better at camp was since I have slept in a tent before, I knew where to put my bags and only had little trouble sleeping. Still, this year sleeping was not the easiest because it was really hot but you get my point.

The next question I will be answering is what did I feel about this camp, what parts did I like or dislike and Why. Did I enjoy camp why?

So I felt that this camp was extremely fun because most of the activities were just creative and entertaining. A part of camp I particularly liked was the dorms because they where kinda big and they could house 8 people including me. So I was in a room with 6 of my friends {one of them fell asleep instanly} talking until 11:30.


My Goals

So every year at my school we have something called 3-way learning review. A 3-way learning review is when you have a talk with your teacher and your mum/dad or both, and you talk about what you want to improve on this year. These goals will be based on your strengths and weakness. For example, if you are good at your times’ table but not the best at writing story you wouldn’t make a goal saying I should work on my times’ table. Instead, you should make a goal saying you need to read more books so you can see the format of how to write a story while also increasing your vocabulary because you are reading new words.  Then you will make some goals that you will hope to reach by the end of the year. These are my goals. Also, you will have something called a learning review in January to see your progress of your goals. If you have reached it you will make a new one, if it is not working out then you will find more ways to reach that goal you are struggling on. One last thing is every week on Friday I will be reflecting on how I am working/getting closer to my goals.

This is me



So this is my first blog post of grade 5 and this is a project that everyone in the class did. The teacher made us do this thing called this is me, so we would know each other better. For this me, you had to show what is important to you. like hobbies, friends Family. This wasn’t too hard for me because I’ve done something like this before in grade 4. The project was called me in a bag. In me, in a bag, we put 5-6 in a bag that meant a lot to us. So I didn’t find this hard because the only difference was that I put photos and I did this on a computer. I feel like I did pretty good on this piece of work, I say this because I added a lot of description on the bottom so to me that proves I really thought about what I put in. Secondly, when I presented my work I think that I really gave good strong point about why these things mean a lot to me. Last, of all, I think that 


So it has been a good year in G4. Sadly all good things come to an end. So today I will be writing my last G4 blog post, this post will be about everything about what happened in grade 4. There will be my hi-light, proudest moment, what I will remember the most, favorite task/games/activities and my final thought about this grade. So my hi-light where camp and when we did our commercial. I liked camp because the actives were super fun and it was a great experience too. The activities were fun and also taught you about nature and can teach you about math or something else. I like doing the commercial because it really help my communicating, teamwork and it also taught my how to use green screens. My proudest moment was when I finish the commercial and also when I won 6 splat games in a row. What will I remember to most is that I was in an AWSOME class and I will never forget my first camp. My favorite game was probably splat, my favorite active was the commercial. My final thought about grade 4 was it was a great experience and I will never forget about this grade. I forgot to add this but another 3momentst that I will never is first when my teacher was pointing at something but then hit me in the nose. The second was when my friend got hit be a ball then I bent over to talk to him, like to ask if he’s ok. Then I got hit by a ball, then my teacher said get up before anyone else got hit by a ball, then while I was standing back up I got hit again. Last of all me and my friends were sitting in a corner but one of them had not much space. He didn’t have space because he was sitting between me and a trash bin. So my teacher said why are you sitting next to a trash bin, aren’t you squish? Then I said why I’m I a trash bin since I was also sitting next to him.

So that is the real end HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL OF MY GRADE 4 POST. Read more




在學校的一天,我在中文課要做一張中國新年的海報。我做中國新年的食物。因為我不可以自己一個人做一海報老師說我和四同學一起做海報 所以我要和他們一起討論,因為我們沒有討論,我們不知道我做什麼,你做什麼。搜一我要用我的人際能的本領討論。




Coding post {animation}

This is my animation



So we did coding but this time we did animations YAYAYAYAYAYAYYA! So animation is a moving picture that is coded/ animated. I’m not going to lie my animation wasn’t too hard it was actually really simple. It was just a creature saying hi to his friend a polar bear when he coming to school. Like I said it wasn’t hard but I will explain what I did. So First I made the gobo{a gobo is the creature}not appear then appear so it looks like he walks in and then I made move slowly so it looks like he was actually walking then he said hi. Right after then bear said hi too.

Sorry for a short post hope you enjoy though.



My Scratch {this is my code}

So we had a coding class. In coding class, we have challenges that we have to do on a coding website called scratch. So our challenge was to write my initials. Mine are TL. If you want to see my code click the My Scatch above. So I will you tell you about the steps it took me to make/code the letter TL {I won’t be telling you the coding so much rather the challenges and stuff.} So if you know me I’m not good at coding, so this was a bit of a struggle for me. So I finally figure out how to make a letter T. You might think making/coding a letter T is easy. The thing is that it pretty hard because Scatch listens to you he does everything you say. So when you draw the first line in T you have to turn him around move him to the middle turn him, then make him draw downwards. To make an L you have to you have to go forward then turn downwards then go down, after then turn upgrades then go forwards {if this is confusing then look at my code} to make an L. That how I made the letters T and L.


Thanks for reading my post!!!!


So on April 28, my class had to do SLLR. If you don’t know what SLLR it stands for Student Lead Learning Review. In the student led learning review you the student can show your parents/parent what you been doing in school. So here a picture of me and my mom in the SLLR. So that me. So let me tell you about the preparation. So first I had to pick some activities to show my mom. I will tell you what actives I picked later. So the next step that I had to do was to pretend one of my friends were my mom and do the SLLR with him. So my options on how I did in the real SLLR is that I was pretty good at presenting but I wasn’t that confidence. So because I wasn’t confidence I didn’t speak loud enough. Another thing was that I didn’t spend enough time on some stuff. So at the end, I had to go back and spend some more time on some actives.


Click this to see my actives



What I’m doaing in Performing Arts

So this is my first post about Performing Arts {PA}. So in PA we are making a dance though choreographs.  Our central idea is patten can be represented though a combination of art form.So we will be making a light painting. Now I will talk about the elements of dance. The first elements is body, because you need to use your body. Next is action, it action because you need to do action to have a success dance. The last one we learned {there are 2 more space and time but we didn’t learn those} is energy. You need energy because it will make your action look stronger.  I will talk about light painting later. First I will talk about how we made dance moves. So we our first lesson was about how to make simple dance moves. So we had to take a sport movement and make it into a dance move. So that taught us how to make simple dance moves. So what is a light painting? A light painting is basically a painting made of lights. Instead of drawing thought you have light around your body and dance to make a picture.  So I think my group is doing really good on time management and making movements and stuff. We can cooperation together too. So overall this has been a good experience so far.

That my post hope you enjoy!!