Field Trip: Asbury Social Services 2017

Hello readers!

5C has just came back from the field trip to Asbury HK. The trip to Asbury taught us about how others in HK live their lives, but also how Asbury HK organizes themselves to empower themselves and others to take action.

Before we had this field trip, I knew a lot about the circumstance they were living in, but not how they(the residents in that condition) felt about how they were living. This taught me about equality, fairness, politeness, and genuineness. Equality: Even though the residents are much poorer than us, it doesn’t mean that they’re any less than us as a human being. Fairness: Each group got the same money to spend, so it was fair. Politeness: We had to be polite and not ask any embarrassing or sad questions or criticise their living condition because we knew that it’s only because they don’t earn enough money. Genuineness: In our group particularly, we gave many gifts like markers, pencils, a ball and a set of cards to the family, and they knew that it came from the heart.

The family we visited was a family of 4, 2 parents and 2 children. They are HK citizens, so they have not immigrated from another country. Before moving into this subdivided flat, the husband and wife lived in the husband’s mother’s house, but when they decided to have kids, the space became too cramped and they had to move out.

For the mission, we had to use $100 HKD to buy 2 rolls of toilet paper, some fruits and veggies, and some tissues. We used up $95 and still had $5 to spare so we donated it to the family in hopes of a better future. Let me remind you, we hadn’t met the family yet and had to buy the food before meeting them. We bought 2 apples, 6 oranges, some bok choi, tissues, and a pack of toilet paper rolls. I noticed that at the market that we usually bought stuff from was much more expensive than the market we bought the things above at.

I regret not bringing as many toys as I could’ve but at least I donated some for the child. I also feel good about myself and giving others because at least now they have some food to last a week or a few days at least.

All in all, I think this trip is very educational and is an eye-opener for many children and adults.


Warm Regards,



Peace Flag – Art

Hello! Today I will tell you about my peace flag!

That is my peace flag!

  1. What is the message you wanted to express in your artwork? Well, I wanted to express the message of hope, that you should keep going even when you feel blue.
  2. List all the techniques you used it your flag. Well, I used tie-dye, fabric upcycling, fabric markers and sewing.
  3. Now that you have learned to sew, how do you think you can apply your sewing skills to another project or task in the future? I would use it for “pillow-making”.
  4. Rate how you succeeded in this project. 1———5———10 I think i’m a 7.


Hi readers!

Today I got back my “decimals summative”. I’m pretty discontented with my results and I need to work on performing mathematical strategies and checking my answers.

Before we started, I knew how to get the correct answer but I didn’t know the correct strategies. Now, I have an enhanced understanding of decimals, and I’m hovering around the practitioner-expert stage. I feel that now I can move on to harder problems that have more steps and operations.

I honestly didn’t meet my standards, and I really want to re-take the test and fix those complications, misunderstandings and careless mistakes. At the end, I scrambled to finish and got really muddled and distorted.

I definitely know that I did my work differently. I elucidated my reasonings very well, and if I spent more time on those harder problems, I would do better.  If I was Mr. M, I would add analytical commentary so that I could push my self harder and to get better results next assessment: MEASUREMENT. I think that the comments Mr. M made were sufficient to tell me what I did wrong, but next time to add what I should do as a next step instead of telling me everything that I did wrong.

If I did this piece over again, I would spend less time on those uncomplicated problems, and more time on those strenuous problems. I really hope that next summative I can excel in the areas that I didn’t in this summative.

Check out my decimal assessment in my red binder!❤️



You would think that in PE class everything is “physical”, but in PE, I learnt one of the most valuable lessons in my life.

We were told the instructions of a game, capture the flag. The game’s objective is to basically have the most frisbees and the end of the game. Basically, we were split into 4 groups, by house color. Clearly, the mountain lions(green), had a huge number disadvantage, with a measly 3 members. That soon changed when Mr. Wa gave the green team 3 major advantages: You can steal from anyone, no one can tag you, and no one can steal from you. Wow. The rest of us were flabbergasted. For the yellow team, the confusion slowly turned into anger, when they were given a disadvantage of getting 3 frisbees taken away, to give to the green team.

Then we started playing the game. (with sarcasm) Guess who won? *snickers* The green team. After the game, Mr. Wa called us in for a reflection. We discussed how we are all born on the green team, and the people living in poverty are on the yellow team. What really impacted me was this: “What did you do to be on the green team? Nothing. What did other people do to be on the yellow team? Nothing.”

What I take away from this is that life is full of chance, and even though you can’t change the circumstance, you can change your attitude and how you play the game.

x 10, x 100, x 1000 & ÷ 10, ÷ 100, ÷ 1000 (decimal edition)

Hello readers!

Today I’ll be teaching you how to multiply and divide decimals. Most people think the strategy is simply moving the decimal(by most people, I mean me), but actually, there is an easier and more logical way to do this. Think of the digits moving, not the decimal, not the place value, the digits. The digits will move to the left when multiplying, but to the right when dividing. You’re probably wondering why the decimals move certain times(e.g. 3 times, 4 times), that depends on how many zeros what your multiplying or dividing has. For example, if you would like to multiply 100 to 23.987, the answer would be 2398.7 because the digits move twice (because 100 has two zeros, 1o would be 1 time)

I hope you understand how to multiply and divide decimals!


Kamusta readers! (hello in Filipino) Long time no see!! It’s been a very brutal few days at camp, but honestly, I actually really liked it. I might not be my favorite camp, but i made some new friends and new memories.

Let’s start with my group. We are called “TEAM INTENTS”! See what we did there😉? Anyways, our group leader’s name is Prosshant and his assistant Fung. Here is my friend doing the final touches on our team flag.

Food, food, food! The food at camp was not the best, 😵 ranging from spaghetti soup and water milk. my friends and I were ranting about how bad the food was. Luckily I ate a big meal when I got home. The only good food item was the……..FIG BARS! After a tiring afternoon activity, our leader would give us a fig bar. My friend (I won’t name names) saved her day 1 fig bar ’till day 3. EW! At camp we also learned about cleaning up after ourselves. After each meal, we cleaned our bowls until it sparkled. Otherwise we would have to go to the back of the line!!

Activities galore! At camp we had so many activities I was hard to keep track of them. Kayaking, bouldering, star challenge, compass, survival skills, etc.

All in all, my favorite has to be kayaking! It was my first time kayaking, so I thought it was going to be really difficult in a two person kayak, be it really wasn’t! My partener and I cooperated really well💖, and we were also surprisingly fast. at The end, we went the wrong way and another group followed us and then we collided.

My second favorite was the star challenge. The star challenge was basically 3 groups competed against each other, but only in mini-groups of six. It stills comes near the top even though we got 9th place. (second last)

Third, bouldering! Bouldering is kind of like rock climbing but with not harness because the climbing wall is less than 15 feet in height. (pic is below) We played fun games and learnt how to build rafts and cook food!

Ah, yes. THE NOT-SO FOND MEMORIES OF SITTING ON GRASS. WITH BUGS. If you know me, you know I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HATE bugs. So, sitting on grass with hundreds of bugs wasn’t exactly my strong suit. Even so, I did as I was told, and sat on the ground. Slowly, I began to get used to it. ………………Here I am now.

Finally, the sleeping accommodations. FYI, the first night groups 1-6 are in dorms, while groups 7-11 slept in tents. The following night we switched. I personally liked the dorms better because it was more comfortable and cozy. My bunkmates were also very friendly, and one of them was homesick, and cried for most of the night, and I couldn’t sleep. Even that was better than sleep in tents with no air con.

All in all, camp was a great experience for all of G5!!

Type A Community

こんにちは readers! 

        My fellow catatropies and I just got back our summative writing. I worked extremely and on this piece and I’m half-satisfied with the results. Here is my writing: P.S. there is many copies, but the other copies are my previous drafts.

The main idea of my writing is that I want a reading community because the majority of 5C loves reading a lot. I hope you enjoyed my work! You can comment ways to make it better as well.

Shapes Geometry Test

^_^ 안녕하세요 readers! (hello in Korean) ^_^

    I have just received my Geometry Test-September. I worked very hard on it and I will strive to work harder next time. The topics varied from polygons and angles, really intriguing us to inquirer further. Before the test, I had lots of knowledge about polygons, angles, and nets, so I was pretty prepared for this pop quiz. 

    I wasn’t really satisfied with my results in the end, and the reason for that is that I didn’t proofread the instructions carefully and didn’t label. If I could retake the test I would proofread better and keep track of time better as well. Another thing I would like to improve on is being more accurate.

     In this unit, I have learned a lot about easier strategies to round, measure angles and more. My classmate said that she said, “You could do better, I’m sure.” I agree I didn’t really live up to my potential in this test. I hope I can do better next time.

    Overall, my newfound goal would be to get a higher score(full marks) and to develop my understanding of these topics better.

Bye Bye,


‘Tri’ Me Art

Hello readers!

We spent the past week or two learning about angles to prepare for this “Triangle Abstract Art”. My fellow 5C Catatrophies and I had to include 2 scalene, isosceles and equilateral triangles, 2 acute, obtuse and right angles in our art piece.  This⬇️ is my art piece.

On my first plan, I didn’t really mind about how it looked, but after I finished my masterpiece I redid it. I was going for a dragon claw but later added and hourglass for the two equilateral triangles. I really like this project because it allows us to create art but with some mathematical guidelines.

Before this project, I didn’t know much about drawing angles or angles triangles for that matter, but now I’m pretty much in the middle of a practitioner and an expert. Over time, I got better and better at recognizing and drawing angles.

This masterpiece took me a day, and one goal I want to focus on is making sure my angles are accurate and easy to see because on my plans the angles and triangles were very unclear.