A Taste of Grade 5

Hello readers,

I’ve had a taste of grade 5, and honestly, I don’t enjoy it as much as grade 4! Some classmates are new, and some are old(not old in age though). It seems so unreal that I have made it so far in my studies and it feels like just yesterday I was typing my first blog post.

This first week we focused on 3D shapes. We did some brainstorming to start out with, analyzing each and every shapes’ vertices, faces and edges. In addition, we went on our laptops to play some shape games. Furthermore, we did some community brainstorming to get fresh ideas for our classrooms.

Lots of things are new, including the name of my blog! 5Catastrophes ROCK!!!!!!!


Hi, readers! 🎨

This is officially the last week of grade 4! My emotions are just a blur of being excited for grade 5, but sad to be leaving grade 4…..even though I’m kind of feeling down because I’m leaving grade 4, the teachers have planned lots of fun activities for us, like the”GRADE 4 QUIZ” which is today, movies, games and more! I’m really going to miss my buddy, teacher, units, and my friends, who I am going to miss the most. The experience in 4C was really incredible, and it was topped off with really great classmates, which slowly became my friends as I got to know them. I would like to thank my friends Christie, Zara, Venita, Mischa, Caitlyn, Alexis, Chloe and Teri for making this year the best it could be. I would also congratulate my homeroom teacher, Mr. Brown for making it through 2016-2017 with the champions, and also would like to thank you on behalf of 4C for teaching and leading us through this tough but fun learning of grade 4! I will really miss all of you!!!☺️



Light Painting Pt. 2🌟

Hey readers!

Now I’m back with the long awaited part 2 of  my light painting journey! I’ve come up with some questions to structure this reflection so hopefully you can get a sense of what I was experiencing while creating my light painting

  1. How did you feel while making your light painting?

I was mainly really excited when creating our dance, but not so much when we actually practiced our dance.

2. How did you use the glow sticks and the PABLO app to create a light painting?

Our group tried to match the colors and wave the glow sticks around in different ways to create different shapes and patterns. As we were doing that with the lights off, Mrs. Butler filmed us using the PABLO app, where it’s supposed to combine the glow to create a short video and picture.

3. What was your first impression?

I really liked it with all the neon shapes and patterns, but then I realised there was lots of glow in the upper section of the painting, and not a lot on the lower section.

4. Does it look like you planned?

Kind of because we planned to get the upper waves but I don’t really know how the bottom got so bumpy.

5. Can you compare your first and second light painting?

In the first painting, the glow shift and ratio was a little off, and the colors kind of merged in towards each other. But in the second light painting, it became a lot more even and since we changed the colors, it became more vibrant.

6. How can we improve for next time?

I think our group could communicate with each other better and stay on task more.


🌿Child Labor Stimulation🌿

This morning, we attended a ‘Child Labor Stimulation’ organized by the mountain lion LEAP group! I especially enjoyed this stimulation as it taught us a lot about child labor child and really brought out the empathetic side to me personally. LEAP stands for Leadership Education Action Programme. This stimulation really mimicked how it would have been like if we were brought into child labor. For example, there was duck tape and plastic zip ties that mimicked leg chains/shackels. On a scale of 1 to 10, the ‘accurateness’ of the food was a 2. They provided some rice, bread and lots of water. Whereas in a real-life child labor situation, the would provide nothing but a tiny amount of water a a half-slice of bread very week. We later learnt that they only feed the children little bits of food because they want to keep their hands small; and better for sewing, tying, just crafting in general. In child labor, you get put into the tume when treating the masters or not obeying the rules. The time is filled with all sort of bugs, dust and mainly nasty stuff. You get put in there for three whole days without food or water. I personally thought that was crazy. All in all, I would rate this stimulation 7.5 out of 10.

Makers Space Reflection😝

Hehe readers!

So sorry for not posting for so long…..BUT NOW I’M BACK!😎  Today I going to tell you guys about my ‘Makers Space’ project. My project is called the ‘No Walk Scooper Box!’. I know it’s weird😂 , but yeah. Here are some pictures⬇️

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.02.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.02.36 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.02.43 PM

Our job was to empathize and find someone who has a problem and try to solve it. Then we had to plan our prototype. This was crucial during our maker’s space project. Here is my plan↙️

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.02.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.02.56 PM

Did you like my prototype? My fellow 4C champions and I all made different prototypes, and we all finished at approximately the same time. Anyways, byebye. 🍇

Light Painting🍉pt. 1

Hi readers,

Today I’m going to talk about what 4C has been doing in performing arts. Well, in our current unit is about dance, and it is nearly over. During this unit we were put into groups(Zara + Aidan)and we created some moves that we thought would go well with it. It took a lot of hard work, but in the end(uh, we are sort of in the middle?)we pulled it together. We are probably recording next week. I’m sooooooo excited!


EDIT/UPDATE: we finished our light painting! scroll down…..yeah……little more…..






Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.11.53 pm

the video will be in the next PA post!





Slime is a mixture of glue, coloring, activator, foaming soap, cornstarch and baby oil that forms into a clay-like, pokable, stretchable, soft and fluffy mix. There are many different types of slime 1. avalanche slime, 2, fluffy slime, 3. jiggly slime, 4. clear slime, 5. fishbowl slime, 6. crunchy/floam slime, 7. galaxy slime, 8. glossy slime, 9. bubble bath slime, 10. clay slime, 11. butter slime………and that’s just the beginning!(check the end of this post for slimes 1-11!)

Let’s play a game: close your eyes and tap the screen, under this⬇️

😬         😎         👽        🐬        🌿          🍇         🏊🏾          🎨        💩         💖        ✏️

Which emoji did your finger touch closest to?

If you got 😬 , you are avalanche slime!

😎 =fluffy slime

👽 =jiggly slime

🐬 =clear slime

🌿 =fishbowl slime

🍇 =floam slime

🏊🏾 =galaxy slime

🎨 =bubble bath slime

💩 =clay slime

💖=butter slime

✏️=glossy slime



Hello, readers!

I need to ask yall’ a question: “Have you ever heard of an avalanche?” Hmmm….I bet you have! Do you want to learn more? YES??? Well, you’re in luck, because my partners Selene, Anise and I have created a slide all about avalanches. HERE⬇️ is my slide!!

Time for my self-reflection!

In class, we were put in expert groups to study different types of natural disasters. Our group studied about avalanches and made this⬆️ slideshow! We used different sources and pictures to create this slides, as well as tons of practice! We each took a different driving question and make an individual slide for each driving question. We also used these…..snow-avalanche-vector-diagram-flow-down-sloping-surface-initiation-avalanches-usually-accelerate-rapidly-grow-36144872download

avalanche diagrams to grasp the main idea for our slides!

I enjoyed working with my partners because we worked cooperatively as a group, and also used our time efficiently. I think we could improve on staying on task since we were working outside and there were constant distractions.

These↗️ Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.06.21 PM

are our M/C questions. As you can see(sorry it’s really blurry), 83% of the class got our question right. This shows that we explained this thoroughly so our fellow classmates to understand and allow that knowledge to really sink in. In the peer assessment sheets, we mostly got GOT IT!!, some NOT YET!! and  WOWWWW!!!. Something that kept popping up in each and every sheet was that we should ‘make it longer’. I agree, we were the first group and I think that the stress really got to us and we made it REALLY short. If we didn’t speak that fast I think we could make it a little bit longer and easier for our classmates to understand.

I  want to learn about more types of natural disasters and also work with new/different people and see how that goes!



Hello, readers!

The SLLRs(student lead learning reviews) are on Friday and I’m super nervocited😜 (nervous+excited)! An SLLR is when a student shows their parent(s) what they have learned throughout the year, and reflect with their parents. I am planning to share 3 math activities, 2 literacy activities, 1 Chinese activity, 1 U.O.I activity……and so on. I’ll fill you in after the SLLR!