Performing Arts Dance Unit Reflection

Dear Readers,

The past few weeks, we have been working on a unit based on dance. Our goal was to make a light painting and learn different things about dance.

We used the elements of dance to help us make our final small group dance. The elements of dance are body, action, energy, space and time. Our class also used shape to make our dance like squares, diamonds, lines and different shapes. In performing arts we used every day moves like brushing your teeth, walking and stretching.

In our unit of dance our summative assessment is to make a light painting from a dance that my group Kamilla, Josh, Tayne and I made. A light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera, or by moving the camera itself during exposure.

In Performing Arts our central idea is: Patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms. I think that means: We can use patterns to represent art forms with lines, shapes and movement.

I think our dance unit was really fun because we got to dance and I got to learn new things about dance like Axial movements. I thought it was really cool to make a light painting because I have never done a light painting and thought it was really cool to learn how it works and what you have to use. I thought everything in my group was good because we cooperated most of the time but some people in my group won’t focus and played with other people in different groups. I think our dance is super creative and is a great dance to perform as a light painting because it is super cool in the way we have different levels of the dance.

Our choreography is super fun because it has a cool effect to make a upwards and downwards motion. I think our attitude was good enough since we have a super good dance in the end. My groups process was really good because we had some hard working times when we danced the part then tweaked it to make it better and more clear in the end of the light painting. Overall, I thought our dance is going to be really good when we perform it because it is going to be creative and awesome!





My Chinese SMART goal is:

S: My Chinese Teacher and I at home will work on pinyin this year. I will practice once or twice a week with the workbook phrases.
M: I will practice at least once a week at least and have pinyin test from my mom at the end of each week.
A: I will practice twice a week for ten minutes twice a week and my mom will test me at the end of the week and see if I am improving my pinyin.
R: I will see if I am improving at Christmas and if I would like to improve more I will continue to my birthday.

T: I will continue until Christmas and see what my final score is.


My SMART goal reflection: I think I reached my SMART goal in a way because I practiced my pinyin in assessments. I used pinyin in practicing my writing assessments because it I did not know the characters so I used pinyin. I am going to continue practicing in my assessments and using pinyin in writing assessments.

Goal Setting

Dear Readers,

This Week, We had a half week because of a holiday and a PD day. Also, I got back from Cambodia and had a lot of fun. I got to go parasailing, relax at the pool all day and have two spa treatments! I am grateful for having an awesome family and for them to take me to such exotic places like Australia, New Zealand, and  Vietnam! This week, I really enjoyed looking at the Water We Eat website because it really was interesting and worth to take your time and look at the website. I  thought everything was pretty easy but I think I could work on my fractions a little bit.



Camp Goals Reflection

Dear Readers,

Last week, all the grade 4’s when to camp! We went on March 29th to the 31st. It was three days and two nights! We had an awesome counselor (Eily),  an amazing teacher ( Ms.Brown ) and camp mates ( Phoebe, Claartje, Maegan)! My goals for last week was to be a risk-taker and to be cooperative with my camp mates! I think I met my risk-taker because I got into the water and did all the activities I think I met my cooperative goal because I think that I cooperated with the group by following the rules and helping them. I am proud of not having a lot of food waste for our group because we did noScreen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.29.01 AMt fill very many buckets! I am also proud of me not being a chicken and being home sick from my mommy( I love you mom ).  I really enjoyed building the raft, the barbecue and everything else! I think I could improve not rushing to do the activity so we can listen and understand the activity before we do it. I am so grateful for all my friends that made me happy and all the people that made this happen for us!



Volume Lesson Reflection

Dear Readers,

The past few weeks, My friend Caitlyn and I have made a volume lesson so we could teach kids how to do volume! It was so much fun to make one because I really got to explain my learning! First,  Caitlyn and I thought up some short ideas that we definitely wanted in our I move because we thought it would really add something to our lesson. Then, we got to work! We added all the things that we thought up and added things when we moved on. After that, we added a word problem that we could do with them and one that they could do themselves because we thought that it is really important to practice and get some help before they do it on their own. Last, Caitlyn and I made an iMovie! The iMovie was really good but there was some imperfection! It was really fun to film our voices with Quicktime Player! Here is my volume lesson picture:
Here is the link to our iMovie inside my red: Volume iMovie\

Bye and I hope you learned something!!


!!!Goal Setting!!!

Dear Readers,

This week, we set some goals for us to complete this week to help our inner happiness! We had learning goals that are for your learning and what you want to complete about learning, we also had a personal goal that involves your family members and what you want to do with then, lastly you have a relationship goal to maybe spend sometime with your friends and have fun with them! My learning goal for this week learning is to finish my home learning grid not on the weekend because I have been doing all my home learning on the week end! I was successful of it and I am exited not to have any home learning on the weekend! My personal goal was toImage result for question marks background clean my desk a little bit because I really want to clean my desk because I don’t like a messy desk! I finished my goal last night and it was really easy! My relationship goal was to play with my friends this week and I am going to finish it on the weekend because I have my Birthday Party!!! For next week, My learning goal will be to type on my Mavis Beacon for 10 minutes twice a week! My personal goal is to be a risk-taker at camp and listen to the teachers! My relationship goal is to be cooperative to my tent mates and help them to be organised!

Bye, Ella!!