Fashion Show ?!

Recently, an artist in residence came, and what we are doing is running a fashion show!Today was our first workshop lesson, we learned  about body types and proportion.  We were split in groups of five people, then we picked a model, and that model is me. Our group went with a theme of alice in the wonderland more specifically the house of cards. Our ideas were a red dress thats poofy, with newspaper curled into flowers and cards stuck on the back. The back will have a long trail and the front will have a short cut! Those are our ideas. I learned that the bodies of models are usually more skinny with long necks and legs, I also learned something about society, it’s the fact that sometimes when someone doesn’t have the perfect figure they can be discriminated. i think that there should be a fashion show to go against those kinds of stereotypes like men can’t wear dresses.


Recently, we learned about Amnesty. It is a organisation that supports and fights for human rights. When I was listening to the presentation, I realised how similar this organisation was with our mini organisations. The first connection I made was the roles, like in our group, someone is the tester, someone comes up with new ideas, and someone does the hands on making work! These jobs are also used in that organisation.  Both organisations are being organised from the inside, to make a  difference to the outside! We also both have small actions that are very effective, which connects to on of our line of inquiry. This was and stil is a great learning experience!


People From All Over the World

Today was “International Library Day” this is the day where we will all come to school in our traditional clothes from wherever we come from. This year, instead of getting bookmarks, we got paper passports to stamp inside of, this year I didn’t get to go to many places, thats because we only had around 20 minutes. I would hope that next time we will get a full period because “International Library Day’ only comes once a year, and we wanna make the most out of it. I also think the parents should arrange the amount of time they can talk and ask questions because one of the stands took 7 minutes!Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning more about that culture, but after a while, it got kind of tiring.  On the other hand some of the parents would just grab the passport, stamp it and your on your way. Overall it was very fun but also educational!

Peace Day

Yesterday was peace day,

I would like to start off by mentioning that I think that I think it’s exactly what this world needs.  Nowadays, everybody is offended in some sort of way, whether it’s because of racism, religion, odd opinions or beliefs. Peace day, was the day everybody would try to be nice to one another, not easily get offended, and have a great day. One day I wish that peaceday could turn in to peace weeks peace months, or even peace years!

Exiting the doors of G4

hi peeps,

today was the last day of school, and I really don’t know what to say, it seems like I just entered those classroom doors yesterday.I remember in the beginning  of the year when I would be so eager  to go on summer break, but as I got to know the incredible champions in my amazing class, I realised how hard it would be to say goodbye. As I look back at the year, as I reflect on all my actions this year, I realised how much i have changed, how much I have matured. A lot of this is from wonderful role models, I would like to thank my teacher, Mr. Brown, I wish I could give him more than a thank you, I would also like to thank my greatest friends, Audrey, Megan, Kayla, Sarah and Christie, they have changed my life majorly since the day I met them.

The only advice I can give you now, is live the moment you are in, enjoy where you are, and you will grow to love all the people around you, at least I did. Thank and appreciate everybody around you, the second you leave, I guarantee you will miss them.

As I carefully wrote everybody’s notes, I realised how important they are to me. When I walked out those doors, and said goodbye to my friends, the feeling of everything changing is so amazing, barely even being able to believe it was already the end of the year. The last thing I want to say to is love the champions.



Hey guys,

today I’m gonna talk to you guys about what kind of learner I am, also my favourite learning strategies!

今天,我要跟你們講我是什麼學習者。 我從第一天我在四年級在想我是什麼學習者,現在,我發現我是個人際智能。所以我要跟你們講為什麼。



A Musical Adventure

Hi people,

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite subjects at school, is definitely Performing Arts, Performing Arts is all about Musical Art, Performing and other fun stuff. This subject is particularly special to me because since I was really little singing and dance was always a favourite of mine.

In Performing Arts, we have been learning about Elements of Dance, It has to do with your dance motions, and your attitude while dancing. This was very interesting t0 learn and it has definitely helped me of what to think about when dancing and how to act. When doing a dance, I feel it is very necessary to learn at least a few of these elements of dance, because there are a lot of them.

We also started a project called the Light Painting Dance, you might be curious as of why this dance has to do with  lights, well the concept of the dance is that you will have glow sticks tied to you, with the lights off, and while you dance cameras will be taking photos of the lights. I’m in a group with Caitlyn and Hayden and I think our group is doing fairly well, we cooperate well so that makes it so much easier to come up with dance moves, but I think we could all be a little more open minded to each others ideas.

Link to video of light dance :

G4 CAMP!!!!

Get ready, this is the longest blog post I had ever written,

We just went to G4 CAMP!!!! Our camp was in Treasure Island, Lantau Island and it was AMAZING!!!  We did all sorts of things like swimming, playing and other stuff.

First, my counsellor’s name is Wei Wei, she is the most wonderful counsellor in the history of counsellors!!! She is incredibly kind, so she will always help you no matter what. She is clever, and tricky for a little fun. But most importantly, she cares, cares about us, and thats why we love her. Go WEI WEI!!! Our group was called the Rocket Bananas, Our chant went: Rocket bananas shoot to the sky, Rocket bananas We’ll never die!!! lets go RB, lets go RB, lets go RB, Lets go RB, Lets go Rocket bananas HEY!!! Pretty awesome right?

We did amazing activities that we can’t possibly do ourselves. We did things like surfing, building shelters and rafts, we learned survival skills, and played blind folded games that helped us get our other senses alive. It really taught me how to have fun out in the wild like I probably didn’t before. These activities were also amazing and helped us get the animals out of us.

Before camp, I was really scared that I would feel homesick, missing my parents and siblings. And then, when we got to camp, I realised that we were only going to be at camp for two nights, and I should take this opportunity to get messy, sandy muddy and wet. We can’t do those things at home. So my advice is, if you are going to camp, dont be afraid to let your spirit animal fly free. Think about it this way, if you want to look back on camp and have your heart be washed up with sweet ocean waves of beautiful memories, then don’t look at whats gonna happen next, enjoy where you are, because it is all about the journey.

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