I’m interested in supercomputers. I understand how it works and would like to spread my knowledge about it. So, Imagine a class of kids with technology. Imagine them all doing equations kinda slowly. One of the kids sends an email to another saying what one missing number is meant to be. Now, imagine tons and tons of those kids, all doing different problems and combining them into one final problem. And you get an answer for a complicated equation. They use this kind of technology for predicting weather and more.


I found this information on a youtube video. This is the link.

My responsibility as a learner

In class this monday we thought up what ingredients would be put in a school/class cuisine. Now, I’m no Gordon Ramsay, but I think the ingredients are good.




4.Free Time


My responsibility as a learner is to enjoy the time I have free, listen to the students and teachers, and study the subjects. I have to try to do my homework quickly so I can have free time at home

Last Friday I went on a field trip, we went to Asbury Community Centre. We visited there using the bus and we got there eventually(it took AGES). Asbury wants to help people in enclosed spaces and sub-divided flats. We bought tomatoes, oranges, cabbage and paper towels. The Center offers a good education to the people who go there and helps people who are in need of some non-enclosed areas and food. The divided flats were really tiny. They had only enough space on the bed to move around a little bit so that we could sit down. That was only one room of it but even then, it was small. We had to take a different way out because the elevator was broken.

Pok Fu Lam Village Field Trip

Pok Fu Lam Village Field Trip

This week we went to Pok Fu Lam Village as a field trip and we saw some really cool stuff including a silver dragon spewing water at the top of the hill (My personal favourite), a temple, house exit designs and even a pair of dogs, a pair of turtles and even a kitten! We also saw the  old Dairy Farm  building. It was really cool seeing that building as well,We missed the pagoda and everything else  we saw, we actually did see. I did not know much about Pok Fu Lam Village until I visited. I did my work differently than others because I checked off the things I had seen.



G5 camp reflection

G5 camp reflection

From the 11th to the 13th of October we had camp. We did all sorts of cool activities! There is kayaking, rock climbing and stuff near the reservoir just to name a few. Since there was about 125 students, half of them stayed in dorms the first night and the other half stayed in tents. On the second night we swapped, the first groups sleeping in tents and the last groups sleeping in dorms. My favourite part was actually SLEEPING. This was a very fun experience. I am(kinda)excited for next year’s camp too. Thanks for reading!

New Narrative

New Narrative

Here’s my new narrative!

Day of the Tornado


One average day in Vancouver, Canada a cat known as Millie was trotting around town thinking of what to do. It was seeming like a perfect day, the sun peeking from over the clouds, his owners out to their very long jobs and their’ kids out to school, staying in school until a long time later. Though the cat was very concerned about the type of clouds the sun was peeking out of, they were grey and very very dark.


The cat wandered out in the middle of town to ask his friends what they thought was happening. Come to think of it, his owners did seem to be in a whole lot of a rush. He talked with Bowie (who was no help), Chloe (who just then realized it was there) and oliver (who thought it was normal) .Minutes after he talked with his friendshe saw the cloud again. But this time something seemed different, he wondered why it seemed different. Then he realized. There was a miniature ice cream cone looking thing descending. With horror he realized why his owners were rushing so much to go to work. He was looking at a full sized tornado! He didn’t waste time. He ran to the house where he thought there was a basement. But when he tried to open it he heard scuffling inside and couldn’t open it.


The tornado was halfway there now. He started running away from the storm. He couldn’t stand thinking of what would happen if the basement doors opened. He looked at where the tornado was going to land. He saw where it was going to land. Right next to one of the biggest aquariums in the world! He knew that the city was going to be flooded but the basements here had a really strong pipe that went quite high so he couldn’t get in from there and that was for breathing. He thought he found a place safe for the flood with a few materials to help him survive.


Very soon the place was filling with water. He thought he should grab his materials before he left but then he remembered something from when he was quite young, he remembered the rule of threes. No, not the camera type but how he could only have three minutes without breathing and… he forgot what the others were. But still he was inside a flooding room so he ran away without materials and powerless to stop the disaster of a day.


He swam to the nearest high ground of the city. For some reason he got the sense that this wasn’t familiar ground. But his mind gave up on him in the sense that he should explore this place more, and he slept.


Just because of the rough day he had bad dreams. In his dream he was in his house. Pretty normal. All of a sudden the house started melting into water and six cement blocks started to surround him and he got trapped. Right before he thought he was about to die, he woke up.


He checked the sun. it seemed he had slept a long time but he saw the tornado raging some ways away. He still worried how to get back home. He looked and saw that the water had lowered for him to see that this was a separate island. He couldn’t get back because he only went into water if forced to. He remembered that another part of the rule of threes is that you can stand three days without water. So he dug a shelter as fast as his little paws could and got safe. He later fished some fish out of the water and for some reason he could only find three. He knew not to eat all of it immediately because he remembered another line from the rule of threes, he can stand three weeks without food so he found a clean water source and three weeks later after having a few meals, he was rescued! He was once again reunited with his owners and happily ever after!



Make Create Collaborate

Make Create Collaborate

Last Thursday make create collaborate took place in the LLAC(Leo Lee Arts Centre). I really liked seeing the different artworks that everyone was making. It was really cool! There was a noisemaker set and a lot of drums and musical instruments that we could use. There was a place that you could make a line of string, a green screen effect area, a bottle cap artwork area, a marker on wall area and a 3Doodling area. The places I went to are the drums and instruments, the green screen effect area and the 3Doodling area. Thank you!!!

Grade 1 Spotlight

Grade 1 Spotlight

Today my learning buddy had a spotlight that was about how trees help us and where we would be without trees. They told us a story about this girl who went to a tree then all of a sudden she heard some trees falling and she went back home to her village to tell her mom about it. She and her mom told the women of the village and later they went to the place where the woodcutters were and told them to stop. They continued. She hugged a tree. They couldn’t cut it down because she was hugging it. They went away. They got all worried about the woodcutters coming back and then the king came and gave her a golden plate for her courage. The end. The story continued throughout the whole spotlight and when the story came to an end they finished the spotlight. I really enjoyed this spotlight.



On Tuesday we edited our tessellations on scratch. Tessellations are pieces of art that seem to go on forever and are the same exact pieces, kind of like a mosaic but without changing colours. This is how I made my triangle tessellation. When flag clicked (start of code) clear (takes all the “ink” away) go to x:30 y:34 (Makes sure the costume doesn’t stay offscreen if it goes offscreen) point in direction 90 (Makes the start triangle always pint in the same location) pen down (keeps the pen down to make it work) forever (Makes it go until you press stop) repeat-pick random 3-6 (randomly chooses which side it makes a triangle on) move 30 steps (The amount of steps it takes to go in a triangle) turn 120 degrees (The amount you turn to make it a triangle) end repeat. Turn 60 degrees (makes sure it turns correctly)