About April Holidays

Hi Guys

Recently, we had Easter Break! And I would like to tell you what I did. I want to make this quick so I will be telling you about my favorite day!

We went to Macau and the first day was the best, we first got off the ferry and rode to our hotel which is called Studio City 8!  When we got there I saw a 4D batman movie and it felt SOOOOOOO REALLLL!!!!!!  Then we went to a really cool magic show, which had 3 rooms and we went to each one at a time. The coolest thing was that the 2nd room that magician chose ME as their assistant!!!!!!!! Then we had lunch and also had a magician come in and do magic with us AGAIN! Later we decided to walk around and went to an area in the hotel which is called Sweet Life Market and there they had looooodddessss of sweets and treats. imgres      (this is my hotel)


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