Fashion Show

Hi Guys!

A few weeks ago, we made a dress! When we just came me and my group didn’t know how to make a dress. Now when I look back the dress it was really ugly, but we tried our best and that’s was really matters. Our main idea for the dress was Angel, we made the dress with white fabric, cardboard, zipper and other things. We had to cooperate very well in order to succeed and we did succeed! Some of the challenges were to make sure that the dress fitted the person who was gonna wear it. The dress was first too baggy and annoying so we needed to tighten the chest area of the dress.  Our dress was Angel themed and it was pretty cool, the wings were a mess at the start and then after a while, it looked not to bad! I’m proud of me and my group for succeeding at something I thought I wouldn’t do myself so I’m happy!



我們這起做了一個 電影基本上是那麼酷,觀眾得學點東西,電影也有兩個視角。 我們的電影是關於這個女孩,總是化妝,確保她漂亮,但為了快樂,你需要成為你而不是別人,不要判斷別人

Chinese – Small (2)

Hello there!

The movie that we started a movie is basically so cool, the audience 
have to learn something, the movie has two perspectives. Our movie is
 about this girl, always puts on make-up, make sure she's beautiful,
 but for pleasure, you need to be you and not someone else, do not
 judge others.


Hey Guys!

Yesterday, I was doing a spotlight with my class, 5C and 5D. The activity we were doing is Essence Machine. First, you think of a topic, then you do an action that represents the topic. Later, you keep on doing it until the essence machine stops.  We had to tell what it was to the little kids, and then we let the kids play the game. We put them into groups of 4-5 kids, and then we gave them a topic like “petting zoo” or “pirate ship” and the kids all participated and looked like they had lots of fun! I feel like they were much shyer and wasn’t as enthusiastic as I expected. They learned to have fun, be a risk-taker, communicator and also being what they want to be.  There were also other rotations like Counting to 10, Storytelling, Tableau and loads of others. I think overall it was pretty fun and lots of the kids had fun!!


Today we went to the library pit and watched this performance and it was really funny, the actors where using poems to perform their skit. They were really creative and have lots of enthusiasm. They were really good at acting and another great thing was that they were including the audience to join in some of their skits! They were really prepared and they had all their props, outfits and their voices were loud and clear, they put different accents on different skits. My favourite skit was when the there was a skeleton and he had a ring and this man stole the ring and gave it to his wife, later the skeleton came back alive and realized his ring was missing and he came to the house where the man and wife was. He scared the couple and got his ring back, this teaches you so NEVER STEAL THINGS THAT DON’T BELONG TO YOU!!

They were really fantastic, the whole point of watching this performance is to learn more about poetry. And I learned lots and lots of poem and rhyme!




Hey Guys!

Last Friday we did our assembly! We had so much fun acting and dancing. Our topic was about people who aren’t as privileged or didn’t get an advantage in life. I played the part of a thoughtful child and how I’m mindful of other people. It took around two days to finish our skit so we did the best. Our assembly was AWESOME and we made the audience laugh. We had so much fun and also I made the assembly funny too!

We did Thoughtful and rich kids, homelessly, child labour and LGBTQ! Our assembly is to teach others that they shouldn’t take things for granted 🙂

Field Trip

Hey Guys!

Today we went on a field trip, we did it because we could understand what it’s like to live in a tiny apartment, and to appreciate what we have.

This picture is actually a very nice of a subdivided flat but most of them aren’t as good as this, we had a few missions we needed to complete with some money, and we needed to buy certain things for the people. The things we needed to buy is fruit, vegetables, and two packs of toilet rolls. We had $100 to spend and we immediately first bought the vegetables because the fruit shop was filled with people so first, we looked at the food thinking of what the people would find most appetising. Then we got to VISIT them, it was so cool and they were very thankful. They’re flat wasn’t a very nice condition it was a little too small for a family of four. I learned that you should be grateful for what you have and don’t take things for granted.  🙂



Hey Guys (and girls)


Today we had a guest speaker, she talked about the organization she helps, her organization is called amnesty. Amnesty is about the violation of human rights, they are trying to stop problems in the world like death sentences, labour, sexual abuse, war and so much more!!! Amnesty is the BIGGEST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD. It started in 1961 and is still here, it has 7 million supporters and it’s a very well organized organization. The reason why people organize themselves is that their organization can move on and stay longer, it’s also more effective and you will know what to do easily. If you’re organized you can also develop more effective ACTIONS. I hope you know what Amnesty is and also if you want, you should help be a volunteer!!! I learned that if you have a passion for doing something, then DO IT!! You should be organized and learn from your mistakes on your way.



Gr. 5 Camp

Hi Guys!

A few days ago, we went camping! Camping was a very interesting, we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. The first night we slept in dorms and the next night we slept in tents, the weather was EXTREMELY HOT, so sleeping in tents was a bad idea. Although tents gave us more sleep then dorms, I still prefer dorms because you get more company and you actually get air-con!

Moving on to the activities, the first day we played Buddy Up (Favourite game). It’s a game where you get into partners and went the facilitator says buddy up you need to piggyback the person in front of you, there are other movements like buddy though, buddy round, and etc.  We also learned how to use a map, we got split up into groups and made a map based on the area we were in. Me, Ashley, Kelson, Kavin were randomly picked in a group and we were responsible for the BBQ area. It was fun for a while, but when we finished it started to get boring. I can of other activities we did but it would

prolong this blog. The second day we did water activities, we first did kayaking and the boat was a 2 seater. We had to follow our facilitator around the doc, it was tiring and sweaty but worth the experience. Then we did rafting,  we made out rafts with poles, tires, and ropes it looked spectacular! But once it got to the water, it broke apart.😶 We still tried to continue rafting and used the raft anyway. We didn’t do very well, but it was still fun! after that, we jumped off a pier!!!

Then we had dinner while sitting on the grass and making jokes! It was the most relaxing part of the camp, all my stress has released and it feels like paradise! What I think the facilitators could do better is being organized and helpful. I used to think I was scared of jumping off the pier, but now I think it was VERY fun!!! Overall, the camp was nice, and I learned how to use a map and other things!

I hope you learned something because I did! bye!!!!

International Library Day


A few WEEKS ago…….. we went to the International Library Day and it is once in a year at school, we basically go to different stations and they tell us about their culture, then you get a little stamp! First, we went to the USA station and we got our stamp. Then we went to the Italy station and they talked forever (being honest) 10 minutes later……still talking……Rome……food……paintings. It took soo long, so I went to a different station and it was CANADA!! I love Canada!!!! I got my stamp and then I learned about the currency.  It was AWESOME!!! I hope you liked this little blog!