About April Holidays

Hi Guys

Recently, we had Easter Break! And I would like to tell you what I did. I want to make this quick so I will be telling you about my favorite day!

We went to Macau and the first day was the best, we first got off the ferry and rode to our hotel which is called Studio City 8!  When we got there I saw a 4D batman movie and it felt SOOOOOOO REALLLL!!!!!!  Then we went to a really cool magic show, which had 3 rooms and we went to each one at a time. The coolest thing was that the 2nd room that magician chose ME as their assistant!!!!!!!! Then we had lunch and also had a magician come in and do magic with us AGAIN! Later we decided to walk around and went to an area in the hotel which is called Sweet Life Market and there they had looooodddessss of sweets and treats. imgres      (this is my hotel)


Comparing Fractions

Hi Guys,

Yesterday and today I learned about comparing fractions, the strategies are Equal Numerator, This is when the numerator is the same but the denominator is different each time.  Then we learned Equal Denominator, This is when the denominator is the same but the numerator is different, basically the same as the other definition. After we learned Benchmark of Half, this is when you look at the denominator and think of the numerator of if it’s exactly half, less or more.  We also learned Benchmark of 1, this is a strategy where you need to look at the Numerator and denominator and tell which one is smaller and which one bigger. Lastly, we learned Missing Piece,  this is when you have a denominator and the numerator is one less than the denominator. My favorite Strategy is Equal Denominator not because it’s easy but you can tell that there is obviously a less and more.

I hope you learned something new today!



Grade 4 Camp


          At March 29th, we went camping! The camp site is called Treasure Island, in Pui O. We had lots of fun. Every camp group had a camp leader and our camp leader was a young man called Gerson. He is such a cool person! The first thing we did was get together and made a contract and Gerson used MY hand as the example, then we ate

The first thing we did was get together and created an agreement and signed it like a contract. Gerson traced MY hand on a paper to represent the contract, and everyone signed on it. Then we ate a snack and decided on our group name, it was “Sassy Sausages”.  Later that day, we did lots of activities at the beach. The first activity was Calculator and we needed to jump on the nearest number that was there, it was about keeping on track and teamwork. The next one was Half Pipes, we needed to work together to keep the ball sliding down the pipes and getting it to a bucket. Another one was a Lilly Pad game which we needed to jump on each lily pad and not falling down, or else we would need to start again. We did lodes of other games but I wanted to keep this post short, we also needed to build our tents which were so fun!


This was how to build the tent!

      First, you open the bag and keep the pipes straight. Second, you clip the pipes to the bottom of a key. Then, put the tent up and tie a ribbon at the top. PS. this wasn’t the actual steps, but I just forgot.

For dinner we had BBQ it was so good and yummy, our dinner was smores and hot dogs. At night, we did twilight games and had to get through obstacles in order to win or finish. We told stories about pirates too!


The Next day we went water rafting, we put ourselves into groups and built our rafts, I learned two knots, the box not and the reef not. then we set out to the ocean, there were lots of shells under the sea, we did a race and our team WON!!!!


Later, we did surfing and made lots of little ponds which looked soo cool!!! We did a scavenger hunt at the end of the day, we needed to find all objects that say on the piece of paper. Then at the real end of night, we had reflection time. We thought of things we could do better like teamwork and not blaming others, we also thought of things we improved on like listening. We have gone through so much and for the last day, we had to go.

I  really miss my counselor, Gerson. My favorite activity is the water rafting because we won, also we had so much fun on that activity and we were all really happy. The one activity I thought was challenging was the Calculator because everyone just got together and we didn’t really get along.

That’s all for me, I hope you have a great rest of the day and I learned to be FEARLESS and to appreciate who I am and what I already have.

Bye! (^ω^)


My Understanding of Angles

imgreshi Guys,

In class, I learned angles and angles are the space (usually measured in degrees) between two intersecting lines or surfaces at or close to the point where they meet. We learned Obtuse, Right, Straight, Acute, Reflex and a lot more!!!!

I liked the Straight angle the most because I think it looks very simple and cute, the obtuse angle is my second favorite angle because I like the name obtuse and it reminds me of a rhombus. My third is Right because it makes me feel like it’s RIGHTTTTTT!!!!



Hey, guys

I learned lots of new vocabularies, one of them that stood out in my mind is “interdependence”.   If you’re wondering what interdependence is, it means the quality or condition of being interdependence or relying reliant on each other upon. I liked this word because I feel like it has so much meaning to it and working together is very important. I learned this word when my teacher was reading a story to my class, she talked about how a wolf is gone then the whole island becomes a mess!!

imgres imgres-1

Micro Beads Experiment

Yesterday, we went to the upper school experiment room and tried to find microbeads in our product. Our product was called Neutrogena and in the product it had polyethylene and that meant it had Microbeads. We were sorted into groups and put 10 grams of our product in a baggy. After we washed it and held the top tight, we tried to get as much soap as possible. Later, we dried it with a hair dryer and it took a LONG time. Once it was dried, we took a closer look by using a microscope. They really looked like beads, we also looked at other group’s microbeads. We saw a Plankton in one, but DON’T worry because the plankton was caught at a beach clean up.

The Things we need to remember is that all plastics that is thrown into the sea will turn into microplastics, we need to stop using single-use plastic, and tell everyone about this!



Understanding of Volume

Hi, guys!

Recently, we have been learning Volume, the volume is the measure of the amount of space inside of a solid shape, like a cube, ball, cylinder or pyramid. Its units are always “cubic”, that is the number of the unit cube that fit inside the shape. I learned this from watching a video from Khan Academy, it has a very clear explanation there.Khan Academy is a game that you can learn new math strategies and you can get fun avatars and play lots of games. In math, we used the snap blocks to make the shape that needed a certain amount of volume. We had so much fun!


給爸爸的信 My letter



我想知道您每天在工作時候開不開心? 我覺得您不是很開心,所以您要多休息,休息好了就能開心。 因為您每次接到工作的時候都很生氣。 您的工作很難吧?


對不起,爸爸,您看到這封信的時候可能已經太晚了!您要早點休息睡個好覺,明天就會開心!您不要擔心我, 我已經長大了,每天也都很開心!



身體健康!                                                                                                               女兒

 慧儀敬上                                                                                                                        慧儀敬上



Dear Daddy,
How are you? How is your job?
Do I want to know that you are not happy at work every day? I think you are not very happy, so you have to rest, rest can be happy. Because you are very angry every time you get a job. Is your job hard?

Sorry, dad, you may have been too late to see this letter! Would you like to have a good night’s sleep? You do not worry about me, I have grown up, every day I’m very happy!

I wish you
Healthy body!                                                                                              daughter                                                                                                                                                                         Audrey

February 24, 2007


Design project

Hey Guys,

We have a project that has something to do with MINECRAFT yes, MINECRAFT and for me, this isn’t the first time but this really MINECRAFT at school, YYYAAAAYYY!!! But before any of that, we need to make a blueprint of our house and calculate the Area and Perimeter this didn’t take too long and there were a few checklists and we needed to make word problems with our houses, and then we get to have the permission to build on Minecraft which I’m happy about!        FullSizeRenderScreen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.31.55 AM

Composite Shapes

Hi Guys,

This Unit we learned about Composite shapes and Area in case you didn’t know what composite shapes are, they are Composite Figures. A shape that can be divided into more than one of the basic meanings of a composite shape. For example, shape ABCD is a composite shape as it consists of two basic figures. That is, a Shape is formed by a rectangle and triangle as shown below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.23.12 AM

And Area is The area of a flat, or plane figure is the number of unit squares that can be contained within it. The unit square is usually some normal unit, like a square meter, a square foot, or a square inch.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.27.24 AM

So what we did is we had to solve a few word problems and they are all doggie related the thing we did first watch a video of a dog chewing on a carpet and our teacher gave us a few problems those problems included Composite shapes AND Area, it was a little bit  hard but I managed to overcome those challenges by working my brain up.