Passion Projects


We have done lots of different Passion Projects. My first one was Bath Bombs, we learned how to make them, and also learned the benefits of using a bath bomb! My next Passion Project I grouped up with Kayla, Ashley and Megan. We did Art! as in photography, bullet journaling, products, Make up and more! this was my favourite passion project because there was various different things to show and it made the audience intrigued. Then after I did that passion project, I wanted to learned more about Popsicles. This made me more active in the kitchen and made me happy that I could eat the popsicles at the end! You should really try doing passion projects, and maybe learn something new!





This week we are finishing up on our math booklet, this math booklet is full of graphs, data representation and fractions. The booklet includes real-life problems and how we can solve them! We need to colour in the fractions and have fun at the same time. I learned to organize data and present it in a neat, clean way. We also could make our own data, we thought of a question and gave a few choices. For mine, I did “Favourite Pizza Flavour” and I listed: Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Margarita and Cheese. The answers I got was 3 students for Margarita, 2 for cheese, 4 for pepperoni and 1 for Hawaiian! I found it very interesting! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it!




This week we need to write a story about a specific period of time in history, the topic I did was the Twin Holocaust it was when the Nazi’s took twins to do experiments and thousands died because of it. The point of this writing piece is to learn the person that is in the story their perspective and what happened.  My character is called Lena and she has a twin called Lea, they are from England and moved to Germany when they were just three years old. The Nazi’s have abducted them and did experiments on them, they do survive but the story is very sad. My story needs to be 6 pages long and need to have lots of paragraphs!


SLLR Reflection

Hey Guys!

A few days ago we did our Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR)! SLLR is where our parents come to visit us in school and we tell them what we learned this year. All subjects are allowed, I talked about my Math, Inquiry, Literacy and my Passion Projects! Showed them my work and let them ask questions, I also showed my “Me as a Learner” which is like a poster showing what I think I’m good at and things I need to improve on.


The thing I thought was most Challenging was when my parents would ask me questions that I didn’t know how to explain, I had to take a moment to think about how I could explain my answer in a proper format and the right answer at the same time. Something that I found fun to do was showing my Inquiry. Since my Inquiry was about The Twin Holocaust, I had a very interesting topic and my parents and sister wanted to learn more about it, so I did a small presentation!


I hope you now know what SLLR is and also learned something! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Fashion Show


         A few weeks ago, I did a blog post about the Fashion Show and how I was in the middle of making the dress, now we had a FASHION SHOW!!!! I was so excited! The runway had a red carpet, lights and it was in the LLAC lobby. This show was done was kids4Kids and all the money that was bought for the tickets were given to that donation. Ashley was our model and she was really nervous but at the end, she told me that it was the BEST feeling.  when I saw our model walk out to the runway, I see her in our dress that we worked really hard on and she looked amazing in the dress, I didn’t think we could accomplish this and successfully fit her!

           There were lots of people, my mom was there too! right after the 25 models, there were the kids4kids helpers and they talked about what they do in the charity! I found it really interesting. Thanks for reading my blog post!



Hey Guys,

This week in math we are learning about patterns there are many ways to make patterns the only thing that all patterns need to have to repeat! So I and Ashley made a pattern and it’s a colour pattern which spells out silent. It has blue, yellow and orange, I really liked the colour combination! In the S the two blocks going straight and then two going horizontally.


CNY Holiday

Hey Guys,

This year is a new year and when the new year comes there is a holiday called Chinese New Year. During the holidays I hung out with my best friends, I also went the flower garden place with my mom and sister which sells really pretty flowers and under-priced objects. There I ate old Chinese traditional treats, like this cracker and honey sandwich, it tasted really good. I went to lots of family gatherings and you can eat lots of great food!

Fashion Show

Hi Guys!

A few weeks ago, we made a dress! When we just came me and my group didn’t know how to make a dress. Now when I look back the dress it was really ugly, but we tried our best and that’s was really matters. Our main idea for the dress was Angel, we made the dress with white fabric, cardboard, zipper and other things. We had to cooperate very well in order to succeed and we did succeed! Some of the challenges were to make sure that the dress fitted the person who was gonna wear it. The dress was first too baggy and annoying so we needed to tighten the chest area of the dress.  Our dress was Angel themed and it was pretty cool, the wings were a mess at the start and then after a while, it looked not to bad! I’m proud of me and my group for succeeding at something I thought I wouldn’t do myself so I’m happy!



我們這起做了一個 電影基本上是那麼酷,觀眾得學點東西,電影也有兩個視角。 我們的電影是關於這個女孩,總是化妝,確保她漂亮,但為了快樂,你需要成為你而不是別人,不要判斷別人

Chinese – Small (2)

Hello there!

The movie that we started a movie is basically so cool, the audience 
have to learn something, the movie has two perspectives. Our movie is
 about this girl, always puts on make-up, make sure she's beautiful,
 but for pleasure, you need to be you and not someone else, do not
 judge others.