Gr. 5 Camp

Hi Guys!

A few days ago, we went camping! Camping was a very interesting, we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. The first night we slept in dorms and the next night we slept in tents, the weather was EXTREMELY HOT, so sleeping in tents was a bad idea. Although tents gave us more sleep then dorms, I still prefer dorms because you get more company and you actually get air-con!

Moving on to the activities, the first day we played Buddy Up (Favourite game). It’s a game where you get into partners and went the facilitator says buddy up you need to piggyback the person in front of you, there are other movements like buddy though, buddy round, and etc.  We also learned how to use a map, we got split up into groups and made a map based on the area we were in. Me, Ashley, Kelson, Kavin were randomly picked in a group and we were responsible for the BBQ area. It was fun for a while, but when we finished it started to get boring. I can of other activities we did but it would

prolong this blog. The second day we did water activities, we first did kayaking and the boat was a 2 seater. We had to follow our facilitator around the doc, it was tiring and sweaty but worth the experience. Then we did rafting,  we made out rafts with poles, tires, and ropes it looked spectacular! But once it got to the water, it broke apart.😶 We still tried to continue rafting and used the raft anyway. We didn’t do very well, but it was still fun! after that, we jumped off a pier!!!

Then we had dinner while sitting on the grass and making jokes! It was the most relaxing part of the camp, all my stress has released and it feels like paradise! What I think the facilitators could do better is being organized and helpful. I used to think I was scared of jumping off the pier, but now I think it was VERY fun!!! Overall, the camp was nice, and I learned how to use a map and other things!

I hope you learned something because I did! bye!!!!

International Library Day


A few WEEKS ago…….. we went to the International Library Day and it is once in a year at school, we basically go to different stations and they tell us about their culture, then you get a little stamp! First, we went to the USA station and we got our stamp. Then we went to the Italy station and they talked forever (being honest) 10 minutes later……still talking……Rome……food……paintings. It took soo long, so I went to a different station and it was CANADA!! I love Canada!!!! I got my stamp and then I learned about the currency.  It was AWESOME!!! I hope you liked this little blog!

First Week of Gr. 5 😎

First Week of Gr. 5 😎

Hey Guys,

A few days ago, I started Grade 5. When I got there (I was a little late) and I was so excited to see my new TEACHER, there were new students too! My Schedule was a VERY different to last years schedule, because my PE classes (Physical Education), Visual Art, Chinese and Performing Arts has changed to a different time. 😅 Also, I  get to have a locker instead of a cubby, in order to open it I was given a lock code and a lock (obviously). First, I was VERY CONFUSED on how to open it, but a few tries of practice I understood and got used to it! 😛 💖 We played lots of games too, like Broken Telephone, 2 Truths 1 Lie and for a cool BONUS we did a math activity, we made a 3D shape out of paper and used those shapes to make an animal! 🐰🐷





我在中文課很開心! 我在中文課最喜歡的作文是中國新年海報因為有很多顏色


我會做錯了。 我覺得這年是最難,有很多挑戰,可是有很多成功!



I am very happy in Chinese class! My favorite essay in Chinese class
 is Chinese New Year poster because there are many colors

I feel very beautiful. I think the hardest essay is flat bones sitting 
because I think there will be very difficult, I am very worried

I'll be wrong. I think this year is the most difficult, there are many
 challenges, but there are many success!

My final Gr.4 post…….


I’m really sad, cause Gr.4 is over 🙁   But I’m getting older and I’m so excited to go to Gr.5! One of my proudest moments in Gr.4 was when I win a game in morning meeting. A Morning Meeting is where you gather up in a group and decide a greeting, then a sharing, at the end there’s a GAME!! My favorite game is SPLAT because it’s so much fun and also there’s so much enthusiasm and I’m so happy that  I’m very alert in this game. I think I’m pretty good at this game, I encourage myself to win the game. What I will most remember is that how I and my cute little buddy with come together and play and how when we’re doing class work then we like to sing together, this makes me always want to go to school so I can play with my friends and sing together. My favorite game is obviously the game I was talking about earlier…..SPLAT. Some things I thing about this class is the fact that it’s full of energy and fun, our teacher is the most open-minded, funniest and the nicest teacher in the WORLD!!!!

Coding Letters

Hi, Guys!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.00.00 PM

So today we did CODING!! (the picture above is my final Product) It was extremely challenging because I wasn’t very good at coding. I first needed to change my boring old scratch to a TACO NYAN CATT!!! then I changed my background to a Tumblr pattern. I don’t know how to say this but I’ll show you the picture of my code…

.Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.06.53 PM

Then I went to look at others projects and I figured how easy it looks, but then I tried to do it myself. But when I did it I got SOOOO confused and stressed, so then I told my teacher about it and then she taught me how to do it and she made me confident that it was possible to do it! So soon I worked it out and I did it and I was so proud!


Light Painting

Hi, guys!

So, a few days ago I was at performing Arts class (PA), learning about light painting. Light painting is where you use light in the pitch black dark and take a camera, there is an app you can use and what it will do is take a short video of doing the action you have chosen to do. Then after it will look like the whole video formed into a picture which looks amazing!

I first got put into a group or three, I was with LiWen and Calum. We first thought of the actions. The first action was the robot, the robot is where your legs and arms move side to side which makes you look like a robot. The second move was the jump, the jump is where you put your arms and legs straight together and you jump up and down. The third action was the wave, the wave is where you bend down and make your arms look like waves. The last action is the “walk”, it’s where you walk forwards and backward but in a jumpy type of style. We all had to do the actions for 4 seconds, so the whole dance was 12 seconds. After we finally worked out our dance and it looked perfect! We had glow sticks to make sure that the light was clear and easy to use, but we didn’t use too much because we didn’t want to waste too much plastic. The final product looked great unlike any other!



Hey guys,

A few days ago my parents got an opportunity to see what I’ve been learning in class so far. I was so happy to be able to show my parents the great things that I did/learned!!!

I first prepared by making a Document and typing what I’m going to show my parents. First, I put Design project because I like that one not only because it includes Minecraft, but how I can design my structure and also can make little word problems!

Then I put my UOI poster because I did it with one of my BFFs  Kayla and Charlotte they are so funny and cool! I added lots of detail on that poster and did flower and animal sketches. we put lots of colors and also researched a lot!

I want to say all of them but I wouldn’t have time because you would need to read ALLLLL of it! but I did lots of other subjects like Chinese, Art, PA and PE. My favorite part was showing my Rocket Writing because I was able to make my parents do writing!!!!



Scratch Tessellation Project

Hi, Guys!

Today we did a coding project, the challenge was to make a tessellation, a tessellation means a simple shape that duplicates on each side, make sure to not overlap. The source we used was called scratch. We were first taught to make simple shapes, and THEN form it into a tessellation. I thought it was hard because the coding looked really complicated, but at the end, it was pretty simple. At the end, I was really satisfied with my work, I started with a simple square and now its a cool looking grid!

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.33.35 PM