Last week we made a toy for a school project and it has to be electronic toy each of the people in our group all had to bring one electrical toy and break it and use the parts to break it to make a new toy. Our group made a toy boat that can move on water, our group was very proud of what we made even though the boat does not move very fast.


 We presented it to the other clases and they thought our toy was pretty cool. It sometimes got pretty annoying because it did not work some of the time. Overall I think we did a really good job.
 Here is my passion project:


During the holiday I went to whistler it was awesome the one bad thing is that I was really jetlagged. We went skiing and it was really fun and now I can do more double black diamonds, Holiday started early because the flu was really bad and a lot of kids got sick. Overall I think holiday was Awesome!

Chinese Reflection

单元反思问题 Questions for Unit Reflection  

Refer to your learning materials and story workbooks

  1. 在这个单元里你学了什么?
  • 不同的交流方法
  • 负责任地和别人交流
  1. 你经常用什么方法和别人交流?
  2. 你可以怎么负责任地和别人交流?



  1. 学到了…. 正在上网,一…就…,完四十分钟电脑,不好意思地说,做负责任的孩子。




Hey guys, Today at school we learned about a organazation  called anmesty which is a organazation that is trying to have everyone to have equal rights. This organazation was founded in 1961 and won nobel peace prize in 1977. The organazation told us that once they saved a woman’s lifee,so what happened is she was treated bad she had some mental issues then killed her husband who sexually abused her,she was sentenced to death but the organazation said it was not right so they did not kill her but did have her stay in jail for life. Bye! Have a good day!

Field trip

Pokfulam village

  On Wednesday we went to Pokfulam village to see what the circumstances are like in Pokfulam village. In Pokfulam village the houses were very nice and everything was very eco friendly. They recycled whatever they could and very creative with the trash. There was a lot of graffiti and it looked awesome. During the field trip we were supposed to  see the people’s circumstances and I think that there circumstances are pretty good. lots of the houses were nice. We were also supposed to look out for different landmarks like the silver dragon and different grafitti. Overall I think Pokfulam village’s Circumstances are really good. The food there looked really good and I did not see anyone not happy.


G5 Camp

G5 Camp

G5 Camp


 From October 11-13 we had G5 camp, it was really bad…

In the beginning I thought it would be really good but it was not.No one liked the camp the food was really dry and the cereal looked like it had been in water for 3 days and it was in warm milk. Last year we had a good camp and i thought all camps were the same but no…! What I  thought they could do better is give better food but what I think what I could do better is have a better attitude.The activities were quite boring and the only one I found fun is kayaking because my friend started sinking and before he fell in the water he screamed “am I that fat!”One night we slept in dorms and I barely got any sleep in my dorms I had my best friends in my dorm which are Calum, Joshua, Trevis, James, Rian, Eugenio and Takdeer and in tent I had James and Trevis.

So that is what I thought of camp it was not the greatest of camps.Bye!

First week of school

This week is the first week of grade 5 and it was awesome! It was pretty fun especially because 3 of my best friends are in my class and my teacher is really nice and we only have 4 Chinese classes a week. For our classroom it was really messy when we first came in, but we voted on how we want the classroom to look like on the second day so now it looks really neat. We also made posters about how we want the classroom to act and look like. That’s pretty much all we did this week.Bye

#Stay Awesome People 

Earthquake,The earthquake named Bob

 It was a very quiet day in Cobble city, houses were resting and making huge squeaking noises. It was a particularly windy day, it was 6:00 am when I woke up then got changed when I got out of the house it suddenly became a sunny day.

 I sat down on a bench and called my friend to see if my friend could come over and play soccer\football and he said he would come. He finally came then I suddenly felt a shake on the ground then it stopped, I thought it was nothing then later me and my friend went to the the park to play some soccer/football still wondering what the shake was, later I felt the shake again.

 Later on in the day the shake were becoming extremely big shakes, and there started to be small cracks in the ground, later on in the day bigger cracks were occurring. Huge cracks were forming and then buildings started to fall, not only people in the buildings died. Since the building were falling on people on the roads, there were casualties among pedestrians. Then we realized an earthquake had started.

 Later me and my friend were running extremely fast, then a couple seconds later a we were running so fast we could not stop…………Boom! The building scratched up my arm cutting it up. I was gushing with blood when I found my friend he was hurt too. When the earthquake had finished me and my friend started searching for people we were not very lucky and only found 8 people alive and found uncountable dead bodies . The whole city was ruined those 8 people that we found alive were extremely hurt just like us. We decided we would have to find shelter and food to live, we all split up to find shelter,food,water me and my friend went to find shelter we found a house that has fallen, we went  inside later we found tents. We all met up and got all the resources we needed.


When I woke up I realized I was not in a tent but in a extremely comfortable bed, then heard my mom call me downstairs for breakfast,Then I realized it was a dream.


                                            The End!

Learning Buddies

Learning Buddies

   Learning buddies


On Friday we had learning buddies and since they just had their spotlight we made a appreciation card and gave it to them on Friday and the reading buddies really liked the cards we gave to them. Later we just did normal reading buddy stuff like read to our buddy and played with them  it was pretty much a same old day so that’s why I can’t write that much about the blog post. Bye!

Light dance

Light dance

Light dance

For performing arts we did a light dancing. What light dancing is it is basicly you have to create a dance and you have some sort of light on your body that is taped to your

Clothes so when you are dancing you go in a dark room so that the only thing you can see is light moving. There are 4 groups of 5 and 1 group of four I’m in the group of four. We a have created a light dance called the lemon dance. Don’t ask me why it is called that it just is. Our dance has eight moves and once we are done with the eight moves we repeat it. That’s all for light dancing….Bye!