My Chinese Year End Review

This year was a fun, hard, challenging, and cooperative year of Chinese Learning. Some units and times were quite hard although as a class and as individual students. We had a total of four units. Our first Unit was HWEO(我们如何表达自己)  ( How We Express Ourselves). In this unit, we had a workbook called “ Internet Friend”. As you can see from the time this was a book that was related to a boy who had the internet as her friend. Which sort of maybe relating to internet addiction. Anyway, we also did this exercise, which was “ My 1-10”, in Chinese -我得一到十. We had to write ten things about us related to the number said. Meaning that If I was on number 2, I would have to write something about me that involves the number two. Like if I had two dogs that is what I would write there. It was like describing what our personality was. That was basically what we learned.


In our next Unit, which was HWOO(我们如何组织自己) ( How We Organise Ourselves). In this Unit, we learned about how we can help one and other, including the community. The study book that we had in this period of time was “ I want Buns”. This story was about a boy who wanted to have buns, which you can relate to the title. As I said this story was very related to the community and to of course the Central Idea. In this unit, we had a field trip that taught us a lot about Chinese history.


Our third Unit was WWA (我们是谁) (Who We Are). In this unit, we had a workbook called “the shy boy”. This unit was also a lot of responsibility. The book was about a new Zealand boy that went to China. In China, he met a girl, the way they greeted each other was with touching noses. The boy started to like the girl, so he started taking lessons to learn Chinese so he could communicate with each other. This book was interesting and of course, there were other details that I can not remember.


In our last Unit, which was STP (Sharing the planet). We learned in this Unit all about human rights. This Unit was one of my favorites because learning all about the issues or abuses going on in the world nowadays. Some of these things had shocked me, although I have been learning about this much before and was very inquired into this certain topic. Anyway, it was nice getting to learn different issues, and especially in a different language. It was a little bit harder to understand the details, but that was fine. It is good to have challenging stuff once in a while.


These were all the units that we had this year. During these years of learning, I feel that I had to increase my level of diligence. Meaning at the begin of the year I would have always almost never have done my homework but when I think of myself now I always try to finish all my Chinese homework on time, based on no circumstances. I always feel guilty if I don’t hand in my homework on time. Anyway, during the couple of Chinese lessons that we had throughout this year, I felt that when I learned new things at first I was quite nervous If I had not understood what was shown or said. But then that actually helped me want it more and more practice at home, and study more. When I knew something most of the time I would just leave it and end up forgetting it, which was not very smart. But what I have learned is that just because you know something doesn’t mean it will be stuck with you forever and ever, you need to always practice no matter what. There are actually other reasons why sometimes I may not practice, and one of them is when I come from school in a bad mood due to friend issues. This can affect my learning in different ways such as, does not allow me to think, make me want to be off task and gets me way more frustrated easter. Although now I try my best to leave that aside. How I make myself practice is by, first having one assessment done, that does not have a high score, so I know how it feels adn really don’t want to have to experience this again. On the other had exceeding one and assessment puts me in a position where I just do not want to stop practicing. Anyway, I feel that my learning through the year was meeting the standards that were expected to be met. Thanks for all the support from my Chinese teacher and how she is always helping me improve. When I have encouragement, My way of learning is very different.


The attitudes and attributes that I feel I bring to my Chinese based learning are:

I think I shows some confidence towards my learning, as well as quite some curiosity and commitment. I also feel that I bring, independence and integrity. The better I do the better I feel. I feel this year was a great Chinese Year, even though there were some up and downs. Although no ones perfect.


One way that I feel I can improve my chinese is by practicing and practicing and more practicing. Even if I have to force myself. I will have to take initiative to doing this, because I would not really choose to do this over drawing or etc… What I could do that will help my chinese is that, instead of just getting something doing to that throwing it away, I can review it over and over again making sure I won’t forget. For an example, I could reveal mini stories or even write my own:


Here is an example of an Mini Story:


美国大学生Hank足球踢得很棒。他常常代表学校去不同的地方参加比赛。上星期六,Hank 带着心爱的足球去上海参加一个国际学校的足球比赛。下了飞机以后,他想坐机场快线去酒店,可是他的运动包不见了。

Hank 十分着急。他想问队友有没有看见他的运动包,可是队友们都走了。Hank想找警察,所以他打电话给警察局。他打了911,可是打不通。Hank觉得既伤心又难过。

有一个中国女孩走过来,他以为Hank 的电话没电了,所以女孩友好地问:“你需要帮忙吗?” Hank 着急的问:“请问你知道警察局的电话号码吗?是不是911?”女孩说:“不是,你打错了!在上海找警察,你要打110.”

十分钟以后,警察来了。警察带Hank去找运动包。他们一起先去机场里面找,然后在机场附近找了三十分钟。最后, 他们在机场外面的一个垃圾桶旁边找到了Hank的运动包。虽然Hank 浪费很多时间找运动包,但是他还是很高兴,因为这是他第一次坐警车。


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