Change     February 9th Vincent

I have encountered change in many different ways one of the obvious ways is that I have gotten older. A similar story to the book is that I found a picture last year in my house of a baby with red hare so I thought it was a picture of me so I kept it. Later my mom told me that even though currently my brother has brown, when he was a bay he had red hare like me. I think change is a good thing because if every one and everything stays the same our earth would be a very boring planet, which does not mean that change is a completely good thing because it sometimes does cause problems. I think that trying to stop change would be a very silly thing to do or else. I think change is not manmade, I think change is natural.


The important thing poem

Name: Vincent Allen

Date: October 11th

Task:  The task was to either write a bio poem or the important thing poem.

Purpose: The reason why I have decided to put this piece of work in my portfolio is that I think this poem shows my progress through the task because I have a draft and first print and final copy.

Learning:  I have learned that poetry is not only words that rime but is a type of literacy that you follow rules and patterns.

Goals: Finding enough facts about me that were important.




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