KMT Court Case


I do not agree with the jury’s decision because I think we the prosecution clearly proved multiple pints of KMT untrue therefore discrediting the whole theory. My job was a lawyer for the prosecution side. I think that I fulfilled my responsibly as a lawyer because I helped organize our arguements and write the opening speech. No, I would not volunteer for another role because I think lawyer was the only job that you could talk and act about what you thought. I didn’t learn anything ne about KMT. I think I improved as a scientist during the investigation but not the trials. I think this because during the investigation I did about experiments making me much better at following and documenting the proper experiment.

Science Court Case

I think our firs experiment of witnesses did not real support our case because there main point was to prove that the die from their M&M did not mix with the water but in the end it did so there argument ended up supporting the opposite team.



My Science Project

I like how my bird looks like it is on a branch because I stuck a brown piece of cardboard from behind and my bird is resting on it. I also like how the fake lake looks pretty realistic compared to just using blue paper. The two maine problems were that my model can not be moved because the bird is only standing on two sate sticks and if it moved it would just fall. Also my background should not just be a few trees because it is a forest so it should have a lot of green behind the trees.



For this project I started off working a lot during recess and at home. After the first couple of days I stopped working on it as much because I thought I was ahead which I was, but because I am really slow at art at had to rush in the last class to paint.

Methanobrevibacter Smithii

Methanobrevibacter Smithii

They swim using there flagella. This helps them be able to swim inside the body or animal that they are living in.

There metabolism is made with special chemicals so they can digest things. There bodies are made like this so they can digest things like sulfur and ammonia so they can digest things that are inside living creatures.

There wall on the outer layer of there body is made to protect them. it is made out of protein muscles.

They reproduce asexually by fission. which is wear one Methanobrevibacter smithii splits in help and creates two

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Paper Towel Lab


An experiment into which paper towel absorb the most water


Our purpose is to find out which of the 2 brands of paper towels absorb the most water.


If we squirt died water on Bounty Basic paper towels and CDNIS paper towels that are set on top of a sheet of paper then more will go through the CDNIS paper towel because the Bounty Basic has lots of crevices and the material that Bounty Basic is made out of is thicker.

Independent Variable

Brand of paper towel.

Dependent Variable

How much water goes through the paper towel?

Control Variable

How much water

How long it takes to squirt the water

How we measure it

How many sheets of paper

The time of letting the paper towels absorb

Using the same string

Not stretching the string when measuring

Squirting the water from the same height

The type of paper Used



Paper  6 sheets

Died water 5.25ml

Pipette 1

String 1 about 20 cm

Timer 1

Paper towel 6

Bucket 1

Ruler 1



First you have to set either a CDNIS paper towel or a Bounty Basic paper towel on top of a sheet of paper in a bucket. Secondly you need suck 0.75 ml of died water into a pipette. 3rd squirt the water that was in the pipette on to the paper towel from 3 cm above. 4th 5 seconds from the time that the pipette hit the paper take the paper towel off the sheet of paper. 5th measure the circumference of the stain on the piece of paper with string. 6th convert the circumference into area. 7th Repeat three times per brand of paper towel


ChartData Collection Table: For the amount of water that leaked through the different brands of paper towels

Test # Bounty Basic (cm) CDNIS paper towels (cm)
1 14.28 35.09
2 14.28 38.51
3 14.5 28.72



I followed the method the whole time except except  a couple of times there were errors like I didn’t squirt the water from the same height or angle which effected the data so I counted the test inconclusive and redid it. This investigation has proven that our Hypothesis was correct because we thought that the Bounty Basic would absorb more water then the CDNIS paper towels because Bounty Basic paper towels are thicker and our experiment showed our hypothesis was correct because in the graph you can see how more then double the amount of water is going through the CDNIS paper towels then is going through Bounty Basic. In this investigation I think we had a couple errors that could have ben fixed by us and some that we would need special tools to fix. The errors that we could have fixed were making sure that we squirted the from the same hight. We could have also used a lot less paper by cutting the paper in half instead of using a hole sheet every time. The errors that we need better tools to fix are using a tool that could help measure the amount of water that got through the paper towels instead of using string. Also even with the pipette it was hard to keep our fingers steady enough to hold the pipette at the right amount so it would have ben more accurate if we had better tools for that also.




In conclusion my chart has shown that on average Bounty Basic absorbs double the amount of water that the CDNIS paper towels absorb. I think that this has happened because Bounty Basic is a lot thicker then CDNIS paper towels and has lots of crevices that water can get stuck in.

Environment and Human Ingenuit

In the Lorax Environment and Human Ingenuity come into conflict because  Human Ingenuity uses the environment to create objects that we need which then become garbage and pollute the environment. The problem with that is Environment has limited resources just like inn the Lorax where they run out of trees in the end. Also it all becomes garbage eventually for example the lake in the Lorax got so polluted that the humming fish couldn’t even live in it any more. I think that the man made beach shouldn’t happen because there is so much natural life that will die. And The human ingenuity which is making the beach isn’t worth killing so much wildlife. That is why I think that they should make a beac where there is not wildlife that they would kill, so i think that Environment is the more important aspect in this scenario.


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“The Lorax” Original Film