Trip Reflection Vincent

What a trip! . During the trip we did a bunch of activities we kayaked,  hiked, shot archery, climbed, cooked Thai food and plenty of other activies.

If I had to describe my self during the trip with two learneer profiles then I would have ben reflective and a risk-taker. I think that I was reflective because everyday before lgihts out I wrote a reflection on the activitirs of the day. I think that I was a risk-taker because I was the firest person in my group who tried to start communicating with the kids that we played with.

One challenge I had during the trip was trying to communicate and play with the kids. I solved this by slowly starting out with basic games that the kids know like duck duck goose and them moved on to more complicated games like checkers, checker was realy fun playing because they played on a reguler checker oard but instead of using chips we used stones. The kids actually had realy good memory because even at the end of the game when all of our stonese were in different parts of the board they could still remember who’s’ rocks where who’s’.


I think this trip helped me grow in a way because that was a whole week with looking at any digital screens  It was actually really fun not using computers, but it was weird because I usually spend half the day looking at screens and that was a whole week with out looking at any screens. I think I grew because now since I am back in Hong Knong I don’t think i will be using my computer as much any more.