Math Exam Reflection

During the weeks leading up to my math exam i had created a plan that would allow may to spend three or four days on each of our units this year. On the first day I would go over the chapter review questions. Then during the next couple of days I would review and and practice questions on the different types of questions that I struggled on in the chapter review. I think that this method of studying was helpful because by the end of the two weeks I had gone through all of the units and how to answer equations but I do not think that this type of studying prepared me for the 7-8 questions.

thing I am happy about on this test is it shows my improvement in some of the units. Because comparing the amount of questions I got correct on the algebra units summative assessment and  this exam I think that I have improved a lot in solving variables. As i said earlier one thing that I am unhappy with is how I did not get any correct answers in the 7-8 questions. I think this was because all of my studying was in 1-2 and 3-4 questions from the textbook which did not really prepare me for the 7-8 questions.

Waste Not, Want Not |||

At the start of the day I though we were just going to make packaging in Pages and then print it but instead we learned how to use Google Sketchup And make a 3d Model  learning how to use sketch up was dealing cool because now I have an understanding of how real designers use Sketchup and now I can use Sketchup for basic 3d modelling.

Waste Not, Want Not ||

After making the net on graph paper we put it onto Google Sketchup. I think it was a easier and effective making our net on Sketchup because dimensions can be easily measured and mistakes could be undone. Then I made the 3d version. This was very simple because because google Sketchup is very powerful at 3d graphics. 


Waste Not, Want Not |

So far today we have taken apart a package and looked at the net, we  made a package for a banana out of paper and then made a net for it on graph paper. Our package is a very simple design because two pieces rap around the banana and are connected by a handle. the two pieces of paper that can rip around the banana can easily be slid on and off. Our design was very effective because it could be used over and over, the two pieces of paper made it secure but it was not very attractive because we did not add any designs or titles


Fractions & Decimals Unit Reflection

Where would you fall on the stress and learning graph?  Why?

Around 3 because for most of the unit I would have en at around 2 because I was concerned and I did feel less stress then all of the other units but a week or so before the test I got  really stressed because I realized that I had forgotten a lot of things about the relationship between fractions and decimals. So having the two and the four would average my stress level to around four.

What was challenging about this unit? What was easy?

The most chalenging part for m was to learn how to properly divide decimals by making the divivdent a whole number.

The most easy part I think was the fractions because we had learned them before.

How was your effort in class and at home reflected in assessment results?

I think that in the first half of the unit I did not take it seriously as I should have because later in the unit I realized that I did not know most of what I shoukld have known.

What activities did you like in this unit?

My favorite activity was learning about pi because we briefly learned a little about pi in grade five which left me with a lot of questions that I answered in this unit.

Patterns in Algebra (Unit Reflection+

The best thing about this unit is that I have never actually learned this much about Math in a unit. For example making patterns in graphs, input output tables and how to write equations with inputs and outputs. Learning about inputs and outputs can really help us in life because in every single assessment we had where real life questions that we will need to answer in our life. I still want to learn more about solving inputs and outputs that have exponents because I could not answer a few of those type of questions on the final assessment.

Here is an example of a task from the unit

Human Ingenuity In Mathematical Patterns

The current math unit that we are dong is about patterns. Our current unit is related to Human Ingenuity because almost all math is about humans creating and using math. Patterns are used to create things for example when workers are trying to create some thing like a side walk they have to follow a pattern of changing the bricks colors and shapes.