French – Music Unit Reflection

  1. Comment qualifies-tu tes efforts et ta participation dans le cours de français

I think that my effort during this class unit been a lot better than in previous units because I asked and answered more questions. Also, I put a lot of effort at home studying and reviewing all of the irregular verbs we learned.

2.Qu’est-ce que ty aime dans le cours de français? pourquoi?

I liked how the two summates in this unit gave you the opportunity to show your own creativity using structures that we learned and how the other test allowed you to demonstrate your translation skill .

3. Quels sont les deux aspects que tu veux améliorer? Comment est-ce que tu va faire?

I would like to improve on my pronunciation because a coupe days before my oral assessment I realised the even though I know lots of the verbs and how to use them i sentences I wasn’t sure how to properly pronounce them. I would like to improve my pronunciation by noting down words that I don’t know how to pronounce and then use the text to speech website to learn the pronounce. Also I would like to work on properly conjugate verbs because even though I conjugate verbs when I write I always to forget to conjugate verbs as I speak. i think that the only way I can improve this by practice speaking more.

4. Qu’est-ce que tu  n’aime pas dans le cours de français? pourquoi?

No, I think that this was a good unit