Geo Term 1

One of my most proud accomplishments of geography term 1 is my essay. Although, it is not one of my greatest marks in the year I believe that my ability to use the PEEL paragraph format has significantly improved. I believe that my improvement in writing PEEL paragraphs is much more important than the grade I got because it is a skill I will be using throughout the rest of high school.

Term 1

In the first term of drama the units that we have are

1. Settlement Patterns.

2. Colonialism.

3. Industrialisation.

 Outs of these three units I found the hardest to be the settlement patterns because their were lots of different factors that affected settlement. For me this made it very difficult to identify what factors affected a certain settlement.
THe easiest unit for me was industrialisation because everything about it was very strait forward because I think the unit mostly consisted of memorising facts about things that happened during the revolution and its affect on society.

Industrial Revolution

Reflection On industrial Revolution Unit


Our new unit is about the industrial revolution. Last class we did and activity on the causes and effects of the industrial revolution on society. The main cause and affect that I found was about how the invention of tools such as the steam engine and the seed planter replaced and decreased most of the work force. This led farmers who lost their jobs to the city. The questions about this unit I have are about the people who led the industrial revolution and more about specific invention.


Shi Huang Di Unit Reflection

We just finished our Shi Huang Di unit. In this unit we learned a lot about Shi Huang Di but also about investigating history. We learned about primary and secondary sources, how to judge if a source is true, different aspects of sources and how to compare sources. Also I learned about a very useful research tools which is the Noodle Tools Note card function. I have always used Noodle Tools to cite my sources but Mrs. Jalsevac showed us how we can also make notecards that help you sort you direct copy and paste from a source, its main points and then what you think about it and in the end you can match it with your sources bibliography. This has helped me be able to make sure that I sort my information correctly and match it with the correct source.