New YearGoals



Build a website used for synthesising sports league scores.

Spreading animal rights by helping people to become vegan and have empathy for animals.



Animal shouldn’t die, be tortured, be raped  dismembered, abused and suffer for tastier meals


Timeline 7 months


Guilin China Experience Trip

What a trip!!! During the trip we did a bunch of great activities, including we kayaking, hiking, Chinese cooking, rock climbing, and many more. Out all of these activities rock-climbing is certainly my highlight. Although I have spent a lot of time climbing on fake rock climbing walls this was the first time that I climbed on a real mountain. Climbing on a real mountain was amazing because there were so many grips and holds compared to the fake rock climbing walls. Also, there was just a more natural and outdoorsy feeling because of the environment of being in the middle of a mountains region without much civilisation.


In mandarin class we had to write a speech about the trip, here it is:

在杨朔我做了很多的活动。但是有两个活动最难忘的。那些活动有攀岩和洞穴探险。 我很喜欢攀岩那是我第一次在一个真的山上攀岩,这个山很陡也很高。虽然攀岩是辛苦的 但是风景最漂亮 。此外因为我们在一座山攀岩上所以   我们可以找到自己的登脚点和路径。我也爱洞穴探险因为我们允许在泥水里玩并把泥巴扔在我们的朋友身上。 我们不但去攀岩而且我们去洞穴探险.洞穴探险也是好玩的在 洞穴里我们也攀登,避开很多的岩石,墙壁,水和其他障碍。我们也学到了很多的洞穴是如何形成的.当我们在山洞里,有一只蝙蝠落在我的肩膀上,咬我的耳朵. 我的一个朋友叫jameson。他也去洞穴探险了但是他现在还在山洞, 因为一个大大的岩石掉下来砸在他头上所以他被困住了。他又没有食物而且他也很饿.除了 jameson以外,evan也被困住了,



Which roughly translates back into English as:

In Yang Shuo I do a lot of activities. But there are two activities most memorable. Those activities have rock climbing and spelunking. I like climbing that was my first time in a real mountain climbing, the mountain is very steep too high. While climbing is hard, but the most beautiful scenery. Also because we have so we can find their registration point and the path on foot of a mountain climbing. I love spelunking because we allowed to play in the mud and the mud thrown at him our friend. Not only do we go rock climbing and we went spelunking. Cave explorers also fun climbing in the cave we have to avoid a lot of rocks, walls, water, and other obstacles. We also learned a lot of caves are formed. When we in the cave, there is a bat landed on my shoulder, biting my ear and I called a friend of Jameson. He also went spelunking but he is still in the cave, because a big rock fell to bash his head so he was trapped. He has no food and he was hungry. Except Jameson, evan have been trapped,














I have learned that habit are very common and that people don’t just have all bad or good habits. Now I get how people can have good habits like studying a lot but then a bad habit of not doing enough sports. After thinking a lot about my habits are I have found that some habits that are good create bad habits. For example someone who excersizing a lot may not necessarily have a lot of time to study. In conclusion habits are really important to think about.