iFolio Post: LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Halfway through grade 11, I watched a video taken in a factory farm. This made me question the ethics of consuming meat. I realized that I had been causing animals to suffer abuse and get murdered for my own diet. I started to think it was unethical for me to keep eating meat when I claimed to like animals and would never hurt one. I began to think that animals don’t want to be killed for food or live their lives in a farm/ confined factory. I decided to eliminate meat and animal products from my diet. Getting my parents to accept a change in diet, however, was quite difficult. The culture which I and my parents grew up in had allowed us to believe that killing animals was not a bad thing to do if it benefited ourselves. I had to convince them that I strongly believed that killing animals was wrong and that I didn’t want to continue eating animal products. Since then I have not consumed and animal products. However, I still find it difficult to have such a large dietary restriction. 




iFolio Post: LO6 – Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

During the summer holiday, I participated in a marine learning and research program in an area called Punta Perdiz in Cuba through Operation Wallacea. I learned about the ecology of coral reefs, their significance within ecosystems, and the causes leading to the loss of reefs. Over nearly two weeks of scuba diving, our team collected data on the effects of the three-dimensional structural complexity of coral reefs on sea urchins and the effect of sea urchins on the health of coral reefs.  The project was quite phenomenal as Ph.D. candidates were trying to prove their hypothesis that the structural complexity leads to increased populations of sea urchins which in turn prevent coral reefs from flourishing. We collected data by filming quadrats with GoPro cameras and produced 3D models by compiling photos with software that converted 2D images into 3D models of coral reefs.  We then utilized these 3D models to analyze vector dispersion and other indicators of 3D complexity. I found this personally rewarding as I was able to experience first-hand the intersection of technology and environmental protection and how recent advancements in 3D analysis for software can be used to help guide conservation efforts of coral reefs.

iFolio Post: LO5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

When I joined the softball team I joined because I wanted to be an infielder. I wanted to be in the infield to be involved in getting runners out. However, a lot of the players on the team were much more agile and faster at running. This made them much better at catching grounders and running to bases.  Thus making them better infielders than me. At tryouts for the softball team, you had to either tryout to be an infielder or outfielder. Because it was my first time playing softball I didn’t understand that there were other players who were better at infielding than me so I tried out with the infielders’s group. However, my friend who had been laying softball for a few years explained to me that I should try out instead as an outfielder as I would be more likely to get a starting position. Thus I realized I could make a much better contribution to the team as an outfielder. With that advice, I went down to a field nearby with my dad and practice catching pop flys. Then I tried out as an infielder. I feel as though it made me much more useful to the team and fit my skill set better.

iFolio Post: LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

In my CAS project, I created an original plan for the software using Javascript, HTML, Python, and PHP. We planned to buy a domain and host the server on our own. That is, to run the website on our own domain. However, we realized that there would be a lot of problems with hosting the domain on our own. although it is completely possible to host it, we realized that we would need to learn an additional coding language that would help to store our information in our domain. We also realized the website if we hosted it could really easily be hacked/ information could be stolen. Thus we slightly changed our original plan. Instead of hosting our own server we got a domain on a google server. Although this did slightly change our plans and add some new complicated steps, it overall made the creation of the website much easier. 


iFolio Post: LO3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

My brother and I came up with an app idea that tells you whether or not a sports game had close scores. Essentially, you can find out whether a game was close or not without having the score spoiled for you. First, to being ur project we checked online to see if anybody else had made such an application. We found that nobody had so realized it was a viable app. Then we investigated how other sports companies such as ESPN and Fox Sports present sports scores to get inspiration. After that, we planned the interface of our application by drawing out by hand what it would look like. We began to write the code but quickly started to get quite confused with how we were going to write out the code/backend of the application. Thus we deleted the code that we had and restarted. But instead of going right into coding we wrote out our general plan of how the software would work. We wrote a brief outline for each of the software used (HTML, Javascript,  Python, and PHP). With the framework we created, we then wrote out the software in each of the languages.

iFolio Post: LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills


When one of my friends joined a refugee coaching group, I realized I wanted to join. I’ve had very little experience in teaching/ being around, young children. I was quite afraid of whether or not I would be able to control younger kids. I decided I would go and try one week. The children are between the age of 5-15 and our job was to lead them through fun activities. I had no problem talking to and guiding the older kids. However, I had serious issues keeping the attention of the younger kids. Many of them would start to get distracted and run away or not partake in the games. I really struggled with kids getting distracted during the first session. I would ask them to pay attention, but that never worked. During the next session, I watched how the founder of the charity interacted with the kids. I noticed that she would attempt to get children interested in the game by making it sound really fun through talking about it in a very excited voice and decribing the game to make it sound really fun. SHe said things like “its the best game ever, I love the game” and other phrases to captivate the children’s attention. I worked on trying to convince the children to join the games the same way that she did. After a few sessions, I got quite good at interacting with the children.

iFolio Post: LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth


Joining the basketball as a senior I realized that I was lacking many of the skills that other teammates and our opponents had. I found that as much practice I put in during training in drills and fitness I still lacked basic fundamentals. I’m not good at shooting or handling the ball. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make the team unless I started practicing on my own. Twelve months before the season began I made a plan to practice twice a week at school in the morning to work on basic skills. At a pre-season training, I talked to the coach of the team and asked her what skills I could work on. She helped me to clarify what areas of basketball I would work on to help contribute to the team.  I googled to find drills to address the areas that I lacked. I also went to youtube to find shooting techniques and pointers. Any drill that we worked on in preseason practice that I struggled with I practiced on my own in the mornings before school. One of the main things I worked on was long distant shooting. However, once I played my first game I realized that my speed in the game was not fast enough to get open to shoot long distance shots. After that, I changed my morning routine and began focusing on close distance shots and layups around the net. 


This year I wanted to develop a new skill of being able to play softball/ baseball at a competitive level. In order to achieve this I practice catching/ throwing and hitting softballs the months leading up to the school softball team tryouts. By joining the team I hoped to not only learn how to play the games but also develop skills. I was able to play at a competitive level at SEASAC and learn a lot about the game.

Aquaponics at school

Because of a strong passion for environmentally sustainability and plants I started a project called aquaponics at CDNIS.

I began by researching how large scale systems are built. While I was in the Chicago over the summer I visited the University of Loyola which has a large aquaponics system which helped me to understand how to build large scale systems. Collaborating with teachers and students we made a basic plan of what the physical structure of a system would be and all the electronic components that would be required  to monitor the system. After designing this plan I submitted a proposal to the upper school principal to try and get a project to build the system at school.