iFolio Post: LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Halfway through grade 11, I watched a video taken in a factory farm. This made me question the ethics of consuming meat. I realized that I had been causing animals to suffer abuse and get murdered for my own diet. I started to think it was unethical for me to keep eating meat when I claimed to like animals and would never hurt one. I began to think that animals don’t want to be killed for food or live their lives in a farm/ confined factory. I decided to eliminate meat and animal products from my diet. Getting my parents to accept a change in diet, however, was quite difficult. The culture which I and my parents grew up in had allowed us to believe that killing animals was not a bad thing to do if it benefited ourselves. I had to convince them that I strongly believed that killing animals was wrong and that I didn’t want to continue eating animal products. Since then I have not consumed and animal products. However, I still find it difficult to have such a large dietary restriction. 




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