iFolio Post: LO5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

When I joined the softball team I joined because I wanted to be an infielder. I wanted to be in the infield to be involved in getting runners out. However, a lot of the players on the team were much more agile and faster at running. This made them much better at catching grounders and running to bases.  Thus making them better infielders than me. At tryouts for the softball team, you had to either tryout to be an infielder or outfielder. Because it was my first time playing softball I didn’t understand that there were other players who were better at infielding than me so I tried out with the infielders’s group. However, my friend who had been laying softball for a few years explained to me that I should try out instead as an outfielder as I would be more likely to get a starting position. Thus I realized I could make a much better contribution to the team as an outfielder. With that advice, I went down to a field nearby with my dad and practice catching pop flys. Then I tried out as an infielder. I feel as though it made me much more useful to the team and fit my skill set better.

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