iFolio Post: LO3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

My brother and I came up with an app idea that tells you whether or not a sports game had close scores. Essentially, you can find out whether a game was close or not without having the score spoiled for you. First, to being ur project we checked online to see if anybody else had made such an application. We found that nobody had so realized it was a viable app. Then we investigated how other sports companies such as ESPN and Fox Sports present sports scores to get inspiration. After that, we planned the interface of our application by drawing out by hand what it would look like. We began to write the code but quickly started to get quite confused with how we were going to write out the code/backend of the application. Thus we deleted the code that we had and restarted. But instead of going right into coding we wrote out our general plan of how the software would work. We wrote a brief outline for each of the software used (HTML, Javascript,  Python, and PHP). With the framework we created, we then wrote out the software in each of the languages.

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