iFolio Post: LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills


When one of my friends joined a refugee coaching group, I realized I wanted to join. I’ve had very little experience in teaching/ being around, young children. I was quite afraid of whether or not I would be able to control younger kids. I decided I would go and try one week. The children are between the age of 5-15 and our job was to lead them through fun activities. I had no problem talking to and guiding the older kids. However, I had serious issues keeping the attention of the younger kids. Many of them would start to get distracted and run away or not partake in the games. I really struggled with kids getting distracted during the first session. I would ask them to pay attention, but that never worked. During the next session, I watched how the founder of the charity interacted with the kids. I noticed that she would attempt to get children interested in the game by making it sound really fun through talking about it in a very excited voice and decribing the game to make it sound really fun. SHe said things like “its the best game ever, I love the game” and other phrases to captivate the children’s attention. I worked on trying to convince the children to join the games the same way that she did. After a few sessions, I got quite good at interacting with the children.

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