iFolio Post: LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth


Joining the basketball as a senior I realized that I was lacking many of the skills that other teammates and our opponents had. I found that as much practice I put in during training in drills and fitness I still lacked basic fundamentals. I’m not good at shooting or handling the ball. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make the team unless I started practicing on my own. Twelve months before the season began I made a plan to practice twice a week at school in the morning to work on basic skills. At a pre-season training, I talked to the coach of the team and asked her what skills I could work on. She helped me to clarify what areas of basketball I would work on to help contribute to the team.  I googled to find drills to address the areas that I lacked. I also went to youtube to find shooting techniques and pointers. Any drill that we worked on in preseason practice that I struggled with I practiced on my own in the mornings before school. One of the main things I worked on was long distant shooting. However, once I played my first game I realized that my speed in the game was not fast enough to get open to shoot long distance shots. After that, I changed my morning routine and began focusing on close distance shots and layups around the net. 

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