This year I wanted to develop a new skill of being able to play softball/ baseball at a competitive level. In order to achieve this I practice catching/ throwing and hitting softballs the months leading up to the school softball team tryouts. By joining the team I hoped to not only learn how to play the games but also develop skills. I was able to play at a competitive level at SEASAC and learn a lot about the game.

Aquaponics at school

Because of a strong passion for environmentally sustainability and plants I started a project called aquaponics at CDNIS.

I began by researching how large scale systems are built. While I was in the Chicago over the summer I visited the University of Loyola which has a large aquaponics system which helped me to understand how to build large scale systems. Collaborating with teachers and students we made a basic plan of what the physical structure of a system would be and all the electronic components that would be required  to monitor the system. After designing this plan I submitted a proposal to the upper school principal to try and get a project to build the system at school.



Javascript Application- CAS project

I wanted to create a website that synthesis sports scores from a variety of leagues that would notify and help sports fans follow various sports that they follow.  I began by figuring out how to read sports data from the internet. I quickly discovered that its impossible to read sports scores without using an API from a third party. With Dean (partner in creating the website) I researched how to read the API data. Then we learned how to convert API data into javacsript numbers that could be posted by HTML into websites. We went through a variety of problems. First, we realised that we would have to learn a whole new language PHP in order to read the data. Second, we discovered that we would need a third party to store data from the API.After addressing these two problems we built and HTML page that could synthesise and post all of the scores. In order to plan what the web page would look like we drew out diagrams of the website and various pages on it on paper to fully plan it would look like before we built the site.