Essays Analysis

Martin Powers Essay

The essay is saying that books and words can help one to understand facts and some emotions associated with a war. However, he is stating that art can be so powerful as to make someone feel such strong emotions as if they were taking part in an event. Therefore, only art can fully capture the fundamental truths.

Art and Truth Essay

The essay is describing how art may have some type of deeper knowledge than written words. The author is stating that by trying to analyse art as true statements deters from the emotional and cultural truths that arts communicate.


I agree with the perspective of the first essay. This is because I believe art can help one to feel exactly the same as someone who witnessed an event. I believe this is possible due to the fact that art is able to communicate through a readers sense (smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing) in order to communicate how events happened. Although science is able to prove undisputed and universal truths it is not able to communicate emotions in the same way that art is able to.

Unlike The Arts, Science tells us something valuable about the world.

Argument in Support

Although art can communicate emotions, facts and themes it does not tell s something valuable. This is because the facts, emotions and themes in art are not necessarily accurate or true. This is due to the fact that arts can be created by anybody without any regard for truth or accuracy. Contrastingly, science produces high valuable scientific knowledge. Unlike artistic knowledge scientific knowledge is accurate and true as there is a rigorous method, scientific method, that knowledge is produced through.

Country- Argument

Arts do not produce accurate knowledge or facts. However, they tell us many valuable things about the word. Art can help for one to discover moral knowledge about the world and help individuals to come to moral conclusions. Art also allows one to experience other cultures that one could not understand through photographs, text or videos.



As a result of activities enganging within environmental issues I have become a lot more concious in my own consumption of resources. Originally I began by trying to lessen my own consomption. For example, I would choose not to buy items that came it non-reuasable containers. In situations where I was outside of the house I always made sure to carry a resubale water container. My concern for the environment progressively grew as i researched. It reached a point where I tried to impact the people around me. For example, I gathered “no circulating air mail” signs and encourgaed neighbors to use them. My involvment has lead to me to the realisation that in college