Tok Reflection – Problems of Intutition as a WOK

Ways of knowing are how people attain knowledge. intuition can be quite problematic as WOK’s. This is because intuition is possible without definitive proof or evidence. This is because intuition is defined as knowledge that is immediately evident.  Although there are problems with intuition as a WOK there are also benefits. For example, when producing knew knowledge and making discoveries it can be quite useful. Because in many situations people have an intuition without any evidence. However, there intuition is used to discover evidence that proves it.

Despite the positive aspects of intuition there are also many problems. Most notably is the  ethical implication of intuition. Because intuition does not require rational processes when one  attains new knowledge it can be quite problematic.  It can lead to unfair and unreasonable judgments of people or ideas without any substantial evidence or reasoning. Another issue with intuition as a WOK is the fact that an intuition can lead to a false sense of knowledge. One’s intuition might cause them to believe an incorrect fact to be true. This can lead to a lot of misinformation and “truths” between different people. Therefore, when Intuition is seen as a WOK it can be quite problematic.

“The vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge”. Explore this claim.t

“The vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge”. Explore this claim.


From a scientific standpoint this statement leads to a lot of questions. Does production of knowledge require language? If language is required in the production of knowledge then the claim may have some truth. I believe this did not used to be the case when the study of science first begun it was very abstract and did not require language. However, recently science has become very rigorous and  thesis or ideas require vigorous proof. Therefore, it has recently required more specific language language. The question of whether or not language is ambiguous is also quite relevant. Does the english language have specific enough language to describe knowledge discovered in science? Although we have hundreds scales such as temperature, weight, pH and density that can qualitatlviel quantify a given object. I don not believe our language is specific enough to qualtitativels describe an object.

Ethical Problems are created because people get too attached to their point of view. Without emotions the world would be a moral place


I agree with this point of view. Because depending on people emotions they have different ethical standpoints. For example if my dad worked on wall street I may believe that wall street is ethical. However, someone that lost their house in the housing market crash may not see wall street as ethical. As the example demonstrates, there are many ethical situations that can be influenced by emotions. Therefore, I believe that emotions are responsible for varying ideas of ethics between different people.


In my opinion, the difference in ethics between various people is what causes immoral activities. Because some people’s ethics justify immoral activities This is because some people’s ethics justify immoral activities. Therefore, if emotions did not cloud peoples ethical decisions our world would a moral place.