Community and Service Reflection

In 2011 I cofounded the charity called Step200 For Tohoku with a friend. The purpose of the charity was to raise money for the 1,508 orphans that lost parents during the earthquake. The first year of the charity we raised 520,000 dollars and had thousands of donors. However, this year because so much time has passed since the earthquake there is very little public attention or interest towards the cause. As a result of this, it was hard to get donations. Therefore, this year we had to try incredibly hard to get the word out that the orphans still need money. I was able to work on a new skill of communication. I utilised our blog and shared it to hundreds of people to try and promote new people to donate. I found that trying to persuade people to donate to a cause is incredibly difficult when it is no longer an issue that is in the center of public attention. I was able to practice and enhance my persuasive skills in English and Japanese in attempt to receive more donations