Hong Kong History Documentary

The students of grade 10 have been sponsored by the humanities department to create a documentary about the history of Hong Kong. The documentary will be presented to the CDNIS parent community.  The topic of these videos can be chosen by the students. However, the topic must centralise on one of many significant events that have shaped the social and political awareness of the Hong Kong local people. This project is highly important as at the moment, information regarding Hong Kong’s history is not easily accessible. Onto of this, many of the parents do not have a strong understanding of Hong Kong’s history. To help educate them, the students are tasked to produce an educational documentary. The documentary must be well reasserted, contain a balance of perspectives, based on multiple sources of information and effectively and accurately portray an event. The length of the documentary is required to be between five and eight minutes and should be posted to Vimeo. The documentary must be a compelling film that will have the ability to educate and promote better cross cultural understanding in the parent community.
Here is my documentary:

These were my main roles in the production of the film


  1. Writing general outline of the script.


  1. Plan the major plots and messages being communicated in the documentary.


  1. Write my individual section of the script. The two to three paragraphs that I write will centralise on my time era (1970-1980).


  1. Synthesise all of our group members contributions into one script that flows between different time era’s smoothly and does not have any repetition.


  1. Decide and list important shots and locations to further enhance the information communicated in the script.


  1. Assure that we gather all of the necessary video footage by accompanying the videographer to the shooting locations. Furthermore, I should ensure that the video footage artistically meets our intentions and enhances the audio track.


  1. Record the script, ensuring that it is high quality and paced appropriately.