The IB Learner Profile that I most identify with is inquirer. I constantly want to learn more and develop my skills as a student in all subjects. Although it is a difficult subject for me, science is one of the most interesting classes in my opinion . I am currently trying to find the science that I want to pursue as an adult. That is why I decided to build an aquaponics system. It is self sustaining ecosystem that produces agriculture and fish at a much faster rate than traditional farming.  Although It has been extremely time consuming, I have learned about plumbing, ecosystems, agriculture, purity of water, assembly of furniture, nutrients and microorganisms that convert nutrients. I have always wanted to know what it is like to work and earn money for yourself. This summer, I worked at a relocation company called Santa Fe moving boxes and filling up shipping containers. The experience taught me the difficulty of working a labour intensive minimum wage job for eight hours per day.



Early stage of aquaponics system



Uniform from work

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