A communicator is someone who can express themselves in more than one language and in many ways. I am a native speaker in both English and Japanese. Furthermore, I have taken French and Mandarin for five and six years respectively. I am now competent in French and Chinese which I can sustain a conversation in a classroom or business environment. While I was in grade eight, I developed a passion for computer programming. Since then I have learned  how to use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, Python and Blender (3D modeling). I began working on an online application that allows you to enter data, apply a function to it and then customise your graph and download it as a JPEG. I recently added a new section to the program that allows it to read any nonlinear data and utilizes various functions to try and simplify it. Computer programming is a method I use to express myself to the whole world.

Class photo

Class photo

My program (working title)

My program (working title)


A caring student is somebody who shows empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs of others. Along with a classmate at my previous school (Hong Kong Japanese School, Japanese section) we started a charity for the victims of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. In 2011 we raised over half a million Hong Kong dollars. Up to date in total we have raised 700,000 Hong Kong dollars. The desire to help the hundreds of orphans in Japan motivated me to found the charity. I also have been a member of Digital Ambassadors for the last four years. Because of my experience in technology I have enough knowledge to help people in day to day problems with their computers. Subsequently, I decided to join the club to help give back to others. During the Digital Ambassadors meetings, I have also tried to improve future student’s education by giving feedback on my experiences in Moodle, CDNIS operating system and the use of technology in the classroom.

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Charity blog

Digital Ambassadors 2015 Photo

Digital Ambassadors 2015 Photo


The IB Learner Profile that I most identify with is inquirer. I constantly want to learn more and develop my skills as a student in all subjects. Although it is a difficult subject for me, science is one of the most interesting classes in my opinion . I am currently trying to find the science that I want to pursue as an adult. That is why I decided to build an aquaponics system. It is self sustaining ecosystem that produces agriculture and fish at a much faster rate than traditional farming.  Although It has been extremely time consuming, I have learned about plumbing, ecosystems, agriculture, purity of water, assembly of furniture, nutrients and microorganisms that convert nutrients. I have always wanted to know what it is like to work and earn money for yourself. This summer, I worked at a relocation company called Santa Fe moving boxes and filling up shipping containers. The experience taught me the difficulty of working a labour intensive minimum wage job for eight hours per day.



Early stage of aquaponics system



Uniform from work


My favourite physical activity is playing rugby, I play on a school team and on a club outside of school. This year I also played on the volleyball team and plan to join the dragon boating team in term three. I was also on the swim team last year, ran cross country and track. I believe that the sports teams I have participated in the past few years show that I understand the importance of physicality, health and a sense of team and trust. At least one day a week I put aside time to hangout with my friends. As I am an extrovert, socialising help me maintain a healthy state of mind. Lastly, I have received Honor Roll every term in the last three years which shows my commitment to achieving an intellectual balance despite a busy schedule.

CDNIS U16 Volley Ball

Spending time with friends


A knowledgeable student is one who explores issues, ideas and concepts with local and local significance. Since grade eight I have been participating in Model United Nations. I participated in Junior MUN weekly at CDNIS and have been to four conferences in and out of Hong Kong. I have learnt about many issues that governments face across the world and have learnt about foreign policy. I now constantly follow the news and try to keep myself up to date on local and global affairs. For a recent science summative I was asked to pretend to be  a doctor in a patient consultation and tell the patient about a disease of my choice and possible medical solutions. I believe that my consultation demonstrates my classroom knowledge that helps me to understand scientific mechanisms and the “Moral Implications” section shows I understand implications and local significance.

Certificate from MUN conference

Certificate from MUN conference

Screenshots of essay

Screenshots of patient consolation script