Adobe Illustrator Design Day Reflections

Today we had a design cycle preparing us for our next English summative assessment. In the english assessment we will be assigned a random scene from the book “Cellist of Sarajevo” and will have to make a short graphic novel from our section in the book using Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a useful tool when creating graphics that can be stretched to any size. This is because graphics made in Illustrator rely on a ratio between lines and colour called vector unlike JPG’s that use pixels so cant be stretched. To learn adobe illustrator we had to follow a series of steps to trace the outline of the word “Vector”. So far, I found it very difficult to use Illustrator. However, I see the benefits of using Illustrator over other programs such as Photoshop.



We also learned about Gantt Charts. Gantt charts are a type of chart that allow you to plan out break down a project into individual tasks and which days you will complete them. I think Gantt Charts will be very useful for large summatives that stretch over a Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.31.18 pmcouple of weeks. Gantt Charts would make sure that you spread the work across the time you have to complete the sumative.