Reflection On 16 Par Composition Process

While composing this eight bar piece, I focused on crating a repeating an s similar four bar pattern. I did this by copying and pasting the four bar pattern across lines 5-8. Obviously now lines 1-4 and 5-8 are different because I kept the general rhythm the same making both sections identifiable to being the same song. The main thing that I changed was I started to change the mood of the song to being a little calmer. I did this by slowing the melody down through turning lots of quarter notes and eighth notes into half notes, I also did this by creating more of a smooth tone by getting rid of the large jumps in notes and making them follow a more smooth up and down pattern.


This is the feedback Mr. Dacho gave me.

“It appears your melody is in G major since you start on G and end on B.  Therefore, the G-flat in measure 7 should be an F# – and a key signature would take care of this accidental for you. Rhythmically, measure 1 and 5 is awkwardly written.  A dotted eighth should be followed by a sixteenth. ”



Fallowing Mr. Dacho’s feedback I decided to completely change measure one from a melodic perspective because one of the general rules of compositions is that if you cannot clearly count where each of the four beats per measure begin and end. I did this by getting rid of the two dotted eighth notes and changing them to quarter notes and eighth notes. I also changed the rest on measure 5 to a more smooth tone by getting rid of large jumps between notes.


Cherilyn: I like how you place a half note at the end of your fourth and eight bars to symbolize the end of your repeating melody. I think you can improve your song by getting rid of the sixteenth rest on the fifth line.


Ary: I like how your composition doesn’t suddenly have large jumps between notes and is generally pretty smooth.


Again to add more measures to my song without completely loosing the melody and rhythm by copying and pasting lines 1-8 to lines 9-16 and then changing some of the melody rhythm.

Summative Composition Reflection

My composition is 16 bars long. It is a repetition of an original four bar melody with small changes each repetition. To make the end of each repetition of four bars clear and settling to the audience. Another thing that I worked on was making sure that it was easy to be able to see the beginning of all four notes making it feel more complete for the audience. Another thing that I focused on was making sure that a similar rhythm repeated each 4 bars to make sure all parts are recognizable as part of the main song because they have a similar rhythm to them.