Community & Service – What Now? Christian Action

Ali talked about his experience of growing up in a refugee camp with his dad and brother. He fled his home country; Somalia because it was going through a civil war. He fled to kenya and stayed in a refugee camp until he was granted refugee status in HK. Currently due to his refugee status he is unable to work so he is mostly going to international school and teaching what it is like to be a refugee. His brother has already been granted citizenship in canada. Ali will be flying to Canada in three weeks

I became interested in the idea of helping refugees who are trying to gain refugee status in Hong Kong. Often times, people are donating to the refugee camps, without a second thought to the refugees in Hong Kong who receive minimal help from the government. People should donate and volunteer at charities such as Christian Action that house, feed, and care for refugees awaiting status, and refugees who have achieved status, but are not cared for very well.