Line 18 Summative Recording Daily Entry


On Tuesday I went to revision with Mr. Dacho to practice the three high notes on the test, which are “C+D and a B natural”. Mr. Dacho gave me two ways of practicing these high notes at home.

1.Play the low, medium and the high version of notes that have the same fingering.

For example: C+G+C

2. Play the full chord, so you only have to go up one town to reach the high notes.


I practiced playing the C and G using both methods Mr. Dacho taught me. At the end of the day I spent a little over 40 minutes. In the end I was able to sometimes hit the C but I rarely could hit the G.



Again I practiced using C and G with the methods Mr. Dacho taught me. After about 40 minutes of practice I could hit C and G usually, the few times I couldn’t hit the note was because the sound would keep slipping from a high C to a low G really quickly.



Today is the deadline to submit my recording. I realize that I poorly managed my time on Wednesday and Thursday and should have spent less time practicing the high notes and should have just worked on the melody, slurs and pitch of the song. I practiced Melody, slurs and pitch for about an hour, when it came time to record the line I had practiced for so long t was hard to play because my embouchure was extremely tired. After listening to my final recording I was not very happy because I don’t think I hit any of the high notes and it sounded like a loud crackling sound.



MYP Drama ­ Grade 8 ­ Criteria C – Assessment


Before the unit begun I was partially excited and nervous for the improvisation unit because I think That improvisation is a very important skill that can be used not only in drama but on the other hand I was bad at quickly coming up with a story. At the beginning of the unit I was very bad at creating ideas on the spot so I wasn’t able to give my partners an offer also even if I did think of an idea I wasn’t confidant enough to say it because I was to scared of it being bad. But through out the unit I slowly go better and better at creating ideas from scratch and being confidant with them.


I think that one of the biggest failure moments I have had in the improvisation unit was at the starts of the unit when we played a game where the whole class told a story where each line had to start with the letter after the person before you had, starting with “A”. I was third person, which gave me the letter “C”. The two people before me where talking about school but then when it came to my turn I had no ideas what to say so I panicked and said “Chocolate is Good”. This was a huge failure because it was completely irrelevant to the story we had created and it did not develop it at all. Now at the end of the Unit there are a couple of ways I think I could have fixed what I did. First, instead of just rushing to say a line I could have stopped, taken a breath and let myself think, because if I stopped and thought for a second I think I could have come up with I good line that was relevant and started with C. Second, I could have made a sound that started with C that could be used before any sentence.


One of the success moments I had was when I was working with Kowin and he brought up Chinese noodles and started talking about cheep deals that you could buy noodles. Because Kowin and I had not planned any of this I had to quickly plan out a response to Kowin. Instead of saying yes that seems like a good discount I further developed and added a bit of the twist to the story by saying that I run McDonalds and that we where moving In to the Noodle business and were going to sell noodles I lot cheaper then the price Kowin had said. I think that this was my success moment because it was the first time that I spontaneously came up with and offer that developed the story.


After playing the park bench activity with Bianca Mrs. Pierce gave me the feedback saying that I was bulldozing too much and should have accepted what my partner was saying. I think this was because instead of improvising on the spot and listening to what my partner was saying and developing from that right at the beginning of our skit I created a story in my head and tried to carry it out without even listening to what Bianca was saying and just trying to follow through with the plot that I came up with.


Since the start of the unit not only have my improvisations has greatly developed but also my self-confidence. At the start of the unit one of my problems was that even if I did come up with and idea I wasn’t really confidant enough to say it because I was scared that it would be bad but bow at the end of the unit i am confidant with my own ideas.