Waste Not, Want Not |||

At the start of the day I though we were just going to make packaging in Pages and then print it but instead we learned how to use Google Sketchup And make a 3d Model  learning how to use sketch up was dealing cool because now I have an understanding of how real designers use Sketchup and now I can use Sketchup for basic 3d modelling.

Chinese Goals


I’m going to make sure I know the tones all of the characters that I learn to make sure I pronounce the tones when I speak. I will also practice speaking more because I don’t even really speak much in class.


When GU Lao Shi is talking I am going to write down everything I don’t understand and then translate it and learn it at home. I’m going to listen to Chinese audio books to expand my vocabulary and listening sills.


I am going to practice my reading by learning more character so I can understand most things that I read in Chinese.



I’m going to be able to write more by practicing writing an essay at the end of each unit.



Action Plan

After each class at home I will:


1.Spend 5 minutes translating and learning things that Gu Lao Shi said that I dint understand.


2.Look online to find extra words that are related to the unit we are learning to expand my vocabulary for 5 minutes.


3. When I study characters before the dictations I not only learn the pinyin but I also memorize the tones.


4. Listen to 10 minutes of a Chinese audio tape every other class.

Waste Not, Want Not ||

After making the net on graph paper we put it onto Google Sketchup. I think it was a easier and effective making our net on Sketchup because dimensions can be easily measured and mistakes could be undone. Then I made the 3d version. This was very simple because because google Sketchup is very powerful at 3d graphics. 


Waste Not, Want Not |

So far today we have taken apart a package and looked at the net, we  made a package for a banana out of paper and then made a net for it on graph paper. Our package is a very simple design because two pieces rap around the banana and are connected by a handle. the two pieces of paper that can rip around the banana can easily be slid on and off. Our design was very effective because it could be used over and over, the two pieces of paper made it secure but it was not very attractive because we did not add any designs or titles


Time, Place and Space Quiz Reflection

In the test “Time, place and space” I got 38/40=8/8. I am very happy with this grade because I studied for this test a lot and this is my best score that I have gotten in music. I expected to get a 7 or 8 because I studied everything that we learned in class at home, also during the test I felt like I knew everything and was confident with my answers. I prepared for this assessment by after each class going home and reviewing what we learnt in class; also everything on the test was on the practice worksheets so we had already covered it in class.  I will prepare for the next summative by writing down all of the rules that I learnt in the unit and then use that sheet to study for the test.