KMT Court Case


I do not agree with the jury’s decision because I think we the prosecution clearly proved multiple pints of KMT untrue therefore discrediting the whole theory. My job was a lawyer for the prosecution side. I think that I fulfilled my responsibly as a lawyer because I helped organize our arguements and write the opening speech. No, I would not volunteer for another role because I think lawyer was the only job that you could talk and act about what you thought. I didn’t learn anything ne about KMT. I think I improved as a scientist during the investigation but not the trials. I think this because during the investigation I did about experiments making me much better at following and documenting the proper experiment.

Science Court Case

I think our firs experiment of witnesses did not real support our case because there main point was to prove that the die from their M&M did not mix with the water but in the end it did so there argument ended up supporting the opposite team.



Fractions & Decimals Unit Reflection

Where would you fall on the stress and learning graph?  Why?

Around 3 because for most of the unit I would have en at around 2 because I was concerned and I did feel less stress then all of the other units but a week or so before the test I got  really stressed because I realized that I had forgotten a lot of things about the relationship between fractions and decimals. So having the two and the four would average my stress level to around four.

What was challenging about this unit? What was easy?

The most chalenging part for m was to learn how to properly divide decimals by making the divivdent a whole number.

The most easy part I think was the fractions because we had learned them before.

How was your effort in class and at home reflected in assessment results?

I think that in the first half of the unit I did not take it seriously as I should have because later in the unit I realized that I did not know most of what I shoukld have known.

What activities did you like in this unit?

My favorite activity was learning about pi because we briefly learned a little about pi in grade five which left me with a lot of questions that I answered in this unit.