Inquiring and Analyzing

To answer the questions that I talked about below I used 3 main sources that our school suggested the sources were;

  1. Britannica Online School Edition
  2. Newsbank
  3. Discover Hong Kong

Because my group has 3 members we decided we would each research from one source and then put all of our findings together on our google docs. I wen to News bank which is a sight were users can access every current and past  newspapers from all countries I learned that in 2010 the secretary of the Anglican church ordered that the The secretary of Anglican church started to discuss plans to tear down parts of a landmark stone wall. During the development of a new church in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

Sheng Kung Hui disagreed with the Idea and created a petition against the church.

As part of inquiring and analyzing my group have came up with some questions. The questions below are the questions that I think I will need to research during this investigation. These may not necessarily be the questions that I answer because I have found that in the middle of investigations my questions have changed because once I learn more about my topic the areas that I think are important change.