Patterns in Algebra (Unit Reflection+

The best thing about this unit is that I have never actually learned this much about Math in a unit. For example making patterns in graphs, input output tables and how to write equations with inputs and outputs. Learning about inputs and outputs can really help us in life because in every single assessment we had where real life questions that we will need to answer in our life. I still want to learn more about solving inputs and outputs that have exponents because I could not answer a few of those type of questions on the final assessment.

Here is an example of a task from the unit





My Science Project

I like how my bird looks like it is on a branch because I stuck a brown piece of cardboard from behind and my bird is resting on it. I also like how the fake lake looks pretty realistic compared to just using blue paper. The two maine problems were that my model can not be moved because the bird is only standing on two sate sticks and if it moved it would just fall. Also my background should not just be a few trees because it is a forest so it should have a lot of green behind the trees.



For this project I started off working a lot during recess and at home. After the first couple of days I stopped working on it as much because I thought I was ahead which I was, but because I am really slow at art at had to rush in the last class to paint.