Boy Overboard Veveiw

Boy overboard

Boy overboard is a very well written but sad book about a boy named Jamal. Jamal’s mom teaches a home school because schools are illegal in Afghanistan. The family hits a major problem when the government some how discovers that they have a school. The family of 4 is on the run they soon discover that running will not work. They decide to leave the countries. There escape to Australia is very risky and illegal journey.


PE Physical Exams

This week we had the two running exams. On Monday we had the 12 minute run and on Wednesday we had the beep-test. I am very happy because I made my new best in both of the events. The PE teacher MR. Steiner said that i might have set the record for the primary school. Next week we have the sit up test the test is very difficult because it is so focused on your abs.  can not wait till next terms when we get to retake all of the tests.

Book Club Final Section

Tomorrow is my group’s final meeting about the book we have ben reading Boy Overboard. It was a page turner, probably why I over read. Even though it was a good book there were lots of parts that made the reader very sad because the book was about war and unequal laws in poor countrys. The reason why I enjoyed reading the book is because it was very fast. I think fast books are what I like rather then slow books. I cannot wait untill our next book club :) 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111


Today my class and a few other 6 grade classes went to watch a 1st grade performance. They expressed the importance of water. They showed their. Understanding in 5 separate performances I. am assuming they broke down into classes. They sang 1 song per class and did a lot of acting. They talked about things that I would think that you do not need to know until you are older. They talked about the water cycle and molecules. I was very surprised about how much they knew.


Thursday was the final tryout for the U12 Hong Kong island rugby team. The hong kong team is a combination of all of the teams that are located in Hong Kong island. The Hong Kong team has 1 game and it is against the Peninsula team on new years eve. I hope that i make this team because there is lots of training and a lot of my friends are trying out.

Boy Overboard, Book Club

Last week we started a group book club. In my group there are 4 kids including me. We are reading a book called Boy Overboard by morris gleitzma . Morris Gleitzman is one of my favorite authors. That is why I chose to read Boy Overboard. It is about a kid and his family that lives in afghanistan. The government tried to arrest ho family because his mom was running a illegal school. The family had no choice but to try and escape rto Australia it is all about there journey. It was such a good book even though we were supposed to read 3 chapters and then have a meeting. But everyday I over read.

Summative Assessment

For my summative assessment I decided to combined my report of Pacific place and Hubin marketplace, and have a paragraph that shows some similarities between the two marketplaces, also a paragraph that shows differences and a paragraph that shows how the operation and organization of a market place is determined by the community in which they are located. I this will show my understanding of the central idea and key concepts. Today i have finished my final touches to my summative assessment.


This week was the intramurals final we played the class 6-E it was a very fast game. The ball never stopped moving during the game there were only a few fowls. In intramurals final the rule is after 3 fowls the team that got fowled gets to take 2 free throws no matter were on the court you get fowled. At the end of the game we won 19-8. The team that we played were very good sportsmanship.