The Important Thing Poem

The important thing poem

Name: 6C 01

Date: October 11th

Task:  The task was to either write a bio poem or the important thing poem.

Purpose: The reason why I have decided to put this piece of work in my portfolio is that I think this poem shows my progress through the task because I have a draft and first print and final copy.

Learning:  I have learned that poetry is not only words that rhyme but is a type of literacy that you follow rules and patterns.

Goals: Finding enough facts about me that were important.




The Cat Ate My Gym Suit Review

The Cat Ate My Jim Suit is about a girl that does not have any self-respect. She also has many family problems and does not enjoy school, until a new English teacher named Ms. Finnie comes and teaches her to believe in herself. Every thing runs smoothly until Ms. Finnie starts having problems with the school. I like this book because it really shows Marcie’s perspective of what is happening in her life and it tells you how she feels and how she thinks others feel. One thing that I did not like was that the author told a lot about the minor conflicts rather then the main conflict. If you like reading about kids our age that have problems, you would like to read this book because that is what it is all about.