Music On The Bamboo Radio

Music On The Bamboo Radio is about a British boy named Nicholas that lives in Hong Kong during World War 2. His mom and dad war called for duty his mom was asked to be a doctor and his dad was on the voluntary defense force. Hong Kong surrendered and the Japanese would kill all British even kids so he hides way out of the city with a Hong Kongnese family that where his servants he lives with them for the hole war helping the family farm and helping the Hong Kongnese fight the Japanese after the war he returns to his old house and finds his mom it ends just like that so we do not know what happened to his dad.

I think the author did really well with keeping the book almost like what would of happened I think the author found the perfect way of writing witch is not too real not too fake.

Over all it was a book that I would recommend to people because the whole book seamed like a cliffhanger.

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