Iqbal Reflection

After reading Iqbal I am more aware of what is happening in the world. Because I always thought carpets were made only by machines so now when ever I look at my Indian carpet in my house I start to winder who made it. One thing I have realized is that the kids  are being forced to make carpets think they or normal and unaware that there are lots of people who are not being forced to make carpets.

Authors’ Visit 20th January 2011

T0day 2 authors Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger that write poems came to our school to tell us how to write good and lots of different tipis of poems by showing us examples. They were very encouraging by saying things like everybody is a p0et even if they do or do not have a book.

Now i want to go home and try the new tips of poems that they showed us. one of the new tips of poems they showed us is a definition poems.

Landfill Trip

Yesterday we went to the landfill once we got to the landfill I expected it to be on a flat area but it was on a mountain I thought it would be smelly and I would cough and it would be hard to breathe but it smelled exactly like a normal mountain. Once we got there we went into a small 1 Flore building where they told us about the transfer satiations’ there are about 15 in Hong Kong the purpose is to collect all of the garbage from the garbage trucks and load it onto a big crater ship to the landfill. Once the trash is unloaded from the container ships and put onto the garbage trucks that are right next to the ocean I think that putting the three landfills next to the shore was a really good strategic plan so they can quickly unload the trash from the garbage truck and into the landfill. Just in the process of getting the trash from people’s houses to the one landfill uses 2000 trucks I think that is such a huge number because I have only seen one garbage truck the 5 years I have Ben living in Hong Kong. Then they told us about the methane that they collect from the landfill by a layer of lots of strong materials there at the bottom of the landfill witch make the trash slide down to the pipe at he bottom of the landfill that collects all of the chemical’s then I realized thesis why the landfill is on a mountain so it can make gravity push the methane to the bottom of the hill and they turn most of the methane and use it to power the landfill and the left over methane goes into one of the 2 burners that looks like a incinerator it is called a flare the difference between a flare and a incinerators is that flares only go up to the temperature of 800 degrees and incinerators go up to the temperature of 3000 degrees witch is a humongous difference. Once a part of a landfill is used it is covered with a plastic layer that sops the odder this is why the landfills do not stink and then the landfill is covered with 600 Mila meters of dirt then it is restored and turned into a normal mountain witch is called being restored.

Field Trip To Eco Park

Today we went to the eco park in Hong Kong we saw a recycling facility and in a classroom they showed us all 7 types of plastic. I did not know that most of plastic was recyclable the only type of trash that was not recyclable was number 4 because if it gets melted it puts toxins in the air because it has a type of metal in the plastic. Then we went to a model of a cross section of a landfill it was really crowded and squished in because there was so mush trash .I learned that each night they put a layer of dirt on top of a landfill to stop the Oder. Once they are done with a landfill I thought they could put buildings on top actually they said once a land fill is done it is not sturdy so what goes on top of a land fill must be light for example a golf course or a baseball field.