We watched a video about a family that lives in New Zealand on a farm they where very bad on the environment the host of the show helped the family learn how they were infecting the environment. The problems are is they are burning trash and putting dioxins witch are one of the most dangerous chemicals in the air. The problem is because the dioxin goes into air and the lands on water food and you breathe it inn. The implication of this is you can see smoke coming from their house. One of the changes they made are they stopped burning the trash and brought them to the transferor. The change is very effective because the fact that they are not burning things that put dioxin in the air. They can get a better TV and they can get a heater so they do not pullet. And they should stop using so many resources. It is relevant to Hong Kong because it has talked about landfills that Hong Kong has. That people have to stop using so any resources especially if they do note even need it for example using air condition when you do not need it.

My Reflection On cyberCitizen Work shop

Robyn a cyber bullying expert came to our school from Australia came to teach us about safety and what to do if you are getting bullied online I am scared now because it would be very embarrassing or I would feel bad if someone bullied me at a place where for ever any one can see it.

I will think about always being careful when I en online especially not to share personal information with people I do not trust. We talked about making agreements what we do online and how to be safe and what to do when you are being cyber bullying. I wonder how some people go into other people’s accounts. I decided to spend less time on the Internet and when I am on the Internet think about what to do and what not to do. I will not download free thing off of the Internet especially if they need personal information. One of the most important things I thought was that when I post something very funny on the internet I should think will I still think it is important when I am older.