The #10 Challenge Part B of the BBB was to create a Worldle, TagCrowd or Tagxedo. What you basically do is give your blog URL and it sees all your posts and chooses the most common words. The 5 or 6 words that you use the very most will be shown bigger. Then you can edit the size, shape, color, background, etc. When you are done it will look something like this:




I think my writing over the year got better and better because of writing post and especially the BBB. I still think I use the same words over and over again so next year my goal will be to have more adjective and better, higher graded words. Most of my posts are about things related to school, holidays and things that are important to me.

Photo of the Day

The delayed 8th challenge of the Better Blogging Battle is to find a photo on internet and make sure it is interesting.  You then write a paragraph describing what the picture is about and why you chose that particular picture. Here is the one I found:

I think this picture looked interesting before I looked what it is about. I geused it was something terrible that happened by the look on that girls face. When I read the caption under it, it said that there was an 5.1 earthquake in Spain and 9 people died. Many others got very injured. That made me feel really sad because I wouldn’t want to lose someone I know very well. And all the people in Spain where it happened to lost there homes.

This picture was taken by Jorge Guerrero.

I chose this picture because it is something that really happened in the world. And having an earthquake is very serious ans sad. I also like the way this picture is set up. That the background is a bit blurry to make the girl stand out. I also chose this picture because for I when I saw it I really wanted to find out what is was about.

Better Blogging Battle

The Better Blogging Battle is basically a battle that makes your blog better. Every week a teacher will assign a task and by the end of the week that task has to be completed. In June the teachers will decide the student that did the best and that person will receive a price. But before you start doing the tasks you have to Sign-Up.

Please check out the Better Blogging Battle Blog for more information.